a scalable c++ machine learning library

about mlpack

  mlpack is a C++ machine learning library with emphasis on scalability, speed, and ease-of-use. Its aim is to make machine learning possible for novice users by means of a simple, consistent API, while simultaneously exploiting C++ language features to provide maximum performance and maximum flexibility for expert users. mlpack outperforms competing machine learning libraries by large margins; see the BigLearning workshop paper for details.

  mlpack is developed by the fundamental algorithmic and statistical tools laboratory (FASTLab) at Georgia Tech. It is released free of charge, under the 3-clause BSD License (more information). (Versions older than 1.0.12 were released under the GNU Lesser General Public License: LGPL, version 3.)

  mlpack was presented at the BigLearning workshop of NIPS 2011 [pdf] and later published in the Journal of Machine Learning Research [pdf]. Please cite mlpack in your work using this citation.

  mlpack bindings for R are provided by the RcppMLPACK project.

  Contributors include: