mlpack: mlpack::cf Namespace Reference
mlpack  2.2.3
mlpack::cf Namespace Reference

Collaborative filtering. More...


class  CF
 This class implements Collaborative Filtering (CF). More...
class  DummyClass
 This class acts as a dummy class for passing as template parameter. More...
struct  FactorizerTraits
 Template class for factorizer traits. More...
class  FactorizerTraits< mlpack::svd::RegularizedSVD<> >
 Factorizer traits of Regularized SVD. More...
class  SVDWrapper
 This class acts as the wrapper for all SVD factorizers which are incompatible with CF module. More...


typedef SVDWrapper< DummyClassArmaSVDFactorizer
 add simple typedefs More...

Detailed Description

Collaborative filtering.

Typedef Documentation

◆ ArmaSVDFactorizer

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Definition at line 83 of file svd_wrapper.hpp.