this site is deprecated

mlpack development has moved to Github:

Tickets open on this site will still be monitored, but the information on this site is now out of date.

mlpack (machine learning pack) is an open-source, intuitive, fast, and scalable C++ machine learning library, meant to be a machine learning analog to LAPACK. It aims to implement a wide array of machine learning methods and function as a "swiss army knife" for machine learning researchers.

This Trac install is meant to manage bug reports, feature requests, mlpack documentation, and other general development-related tasks. The links at the top of the page should provide a good place to start; TracGuide contains basic built-in Trac documentation.

To check out current sources from subversion anonymously (having trouble? see KnownSVNIssues):

$ svn co mlpack-trunk/

mlpack depends on the following libraries:

All of these should be available in your distribution's package manager.


the fastlab

general reference

misc. reference