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class  DatasetMapper< PolicyType, InputType >
 Auxiliary information for a dataset, including mappings to/from strings (or other types) and the datatype of each dimension. More...

struct  ParamData
 This structure holds all of the information about a single parameter, including its value (which is set when ParseCommandLine() is called). More...



Functions to load and save matrices and models.


#define TYPENAME(x)   (std::string(typeid(x).name()))
 The TYPENAME macro is used internally to convert a type into a string. More...


Detailed Description

Ryan Curtin

This defines the structure that holds information for each command-line parameter, as well as utility functions it is used with.

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Definition in file param_data.hpp.

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#define TYPENAME (   x)    (std::string(typeid(x).name()))

The TYPENAME macro is used internally to convert a type into a string.

Definition at line 22 of file param_data.hpp.

Referenced by CLIOption< N >::CLIOption(), JuliaOption< T >::JuliaOption(), MDOption< T >::MDOption(), PyOption< T >::PyOption(), and TestOption< N >::TestOption().