SimpleToleranceTermination< MatType > Class Template Reference

This class implements residue tolerance termination policy. More...

Public Member Functions

 SimpleToleranceTermination (const double tolerance=1e-5, const size_t maxIterations=10000, const size_t reverseStepTolerance=3)
 empty constructor More...

const double & Index () const
 Get current value of residue. More...

void Initialize (const MatType &V)
 Initializes the termination policy before stating the factorization. More...

bool IsConverged (arma::mat &W, arma::mat &H)
 Check if termination criterio is met. More...

const size_t & Iteration () const
 Get current iteration count. More...

const size_t & MaxIterations () const
 Access upper limit of iteration count. More...

size_t & MaxIterations ()
const double & Tolerance () const
 Access tolerance value. More...

double & Tolerance ()

Detailed Description


class mlpack::amf::SimpleToleranceTermination< MatType >

This class implements residue tolerance termination policy.

Termination criterion is met when increase in residue value drops below the given tolerance. To accommodate spikes certain number of successive residue drops are accepted. This upper imit on successive drops can be adjusted with reverseStepCount. Secondary termination criterion terminates algorithm when iteration count goes above the threshold.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SimpleToleranceTermination()

SimpleToleranceTermination ( const double  tolerance = 1e-5,
const size_t  maxIterations = 10000,
const size_t  reverseStepTolerance = 3 

empty constructor

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Member Function Documentation

◆ Index()

const double& Index ( ) const

Get current value of residue.

Definition at line 149 of file simple_tolerance_termination.hpp.

◆ Initialize()

void Initialize ( const MatType &  V)

Initializes the termination policy before stating the factorization.

VInput matrix to be factorized.

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◆ IsConverged()

bool IsConverged ( arma::mat &  W,
arma::mat &  H 

Check if termination criterio is met.

WBasis matrix of output.
HEncoding matrix of output.

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References Log::Info.

◆ Iteration()

const size_t& Iteration ( ) const

Get current iteration count.

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◆ MaxIterations() [1/2]

const size_t& MaxIterations ( ) const

Access upper limit of iteration count.

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◆ MaxIterations() [2/2]

size_t& MaxIterations ( )

Definition at line 156 of file simple_tolerance_termination.hpp.

◆ Tolerance() [1/2]

const double& Tolerance ( ) const

Access tolerance value.

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◆ Tolerance() [2/2]

double& Tolerance ( )

Definition at line 160 of file simple_tolerance_termination.hpp.

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