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Visualization Tool - Summary

Visualization Tool - Summary

Jeffin Sam, 27 August 2020

This post summarize my work for GSoC 2020


The proposal for Visualization tool included the implementation of class which would be able to log metrics and a callback function that can be passed to ensmallen optimizer to log metrics.


A separate repo was created to undertake the project to avoid adding dependencies to mlpack main package.

Initial Setup PR#1

  • The implementation started with setting up the repo structure and making it compatible to be installed over any os. FileWriter class and SharedQueue class was implemented in this PR.

Setup CI pipeline PR#3

  • Then we setup the pipeline for azure builds so that we continously know that we are not breaking anything.

Setup Catch Testing PR#5

  • This PR was raised to add Catch2 as testing framework and write some test.

Add Image Support PR#6

  • We added image support in this PR.

Add Text Support PR#7

  • We added text support in this PR.

Add PRCurve Support PR#12

  • We added PRCurve support in this PR.

Add Embedding Summary Support PR#10

  • We added embedding support in this PR.

Add Histogram Support PR#13

  • We added Histogram support in this PR.

Add Callback Support PR#14

  • We added Callback support in this PR.

Post GSoC

Improve cmake scripts a litle bit, possible improvements in implementation and Improve callback for bettery visualization.


A big thanks to Toshal, Brim, Rcurtin, Zoq and the whole mlpack community. This was my second GSoC with mlpack, and I am happy that once again I was successful in it. I gathered a lot of knowledge in these past 3 months. I will continue to be in touch with the mlpack community and seek to do more contributions to the project in the future.

Also, I think its time to order some mlpack stickers :)

Thanks :)

You can find my weekly reports here

Thanks, Signing off :)