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Visualization Tool - Week 01

Visualization Tool - Week 01

Jeffin Sam, 07 June 2020

Hi, So the first week of coding period ended and we are on time as of our timeline. The implemenation of Sharedqueue, filewriter and Summary class for plotting scaler was completed. Also work with cmake was partially completed, it may not be the most robust one but certainly works for now.

The docs were updated and you can see an example and also how to build "here"

My agenda this week would be to add support for histogram, for that I may need to write an helper function similar to numpy.histogram and also another one would be to study more about cmake and build system down the lane. In short it would be my agenda to make or improve the cmake script during the whole gsoc period. I don't want it to be a blocker and hence I just came up with a simple one and iteratively we could improve it.

helped in setting up the linting job, and the first pr#1 with the cmake and other class implemenation was raised and are in queue for a review. I am guessing it would be merged soon, and then we can start with histogram.

We still do have meetings reguarly on IRC every wednesday and sunday @ 10:30 IST, you could read the logs to track the development or could join and suggest any improvements if you do have

Thanks for reading till the end :). Will meet you in the second blog. Till then BYE.