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Visualization Tool - Week 02

Visualization Tool - Week 02

Jeffin Sam, 14 June 2020

The second week of GSOC concluded successfully. During the week I resolved the comments made during multiple reviews on the first PR, and now it has finally been approved and ready to be merged. So we do have our first look of mlboard ready.

Also during the week two separate PR#3 and PR#4 were raised to set up the azure pipelines for the CI jobs.

Also during the weekly meeting, it was decided to set up some unit testing for mlboard, and we found catch2 to be interesting and easy to be adopted since it is a header-only library. A draft PR#5 was raised to be able to integrate catch2 into mlboard for testing using CMake.

Going ahead I plan to complete the cache unit testing work and also add support for Logging Image summary using mlboard. And for both, I am assuming two weeks of the expected time of implementation.

So that was the whole update from the past week and also plan for upcoming weeks, Will keep you all posted. Thanks for reading it through. Good Day.