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Visualization Tool - Week 04

Visualization Tool - Week 04

Jeffin Sam, 28 June 2020

Hi, Welcome to another blog, This week was less of coding and more of research, I did go through the implementation of logging histogram summary and pr-curve summary and also text summary. And now I am more than familiar with them and would implement them over the next two weeks.

Also last week, I implement support for logging text summary, you can view the pr here, It needs to be reviewed and polished. The Catch-testing PR was merged after some hiccups of mkdir() and rmdir() function which caused a problem in the different operating systems. And Also some polishing was done in Image-support pr after some small reviews.

Also, an attempt was made here to set up CI workflow for windows operating system for the repo, The dependencies were installed and configured correctly but for some reasons mlboard build failed. I am not the best person to know about windows os and haven't used for almost 3 years and hence I would take some time to look into it and debug it. But parallelly I would work on adding logging support for other summary types.

That's it for this blog, Will keep you updated with the future progress. Till then Bye.