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May 2018
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15:34 < ricklly> Svec(K) = [ K_11, sqrt(2) K_12, ..., sqrt(2) K_1n, K_22, ..., sqrt(2) K_2n, ..., K_nn ]^T
15:34 < ricklly> can someone help me?
15:35 < ricklly> why in the Svec(K), some elements need to multiple sqrt(2)?
15:36 < ricklly> I look at the function: void Svec(const arma::mat& input, arma::vec& output); in lin_alg.hpp
15:38 < ricklly> I know, we need to satisfy dot(Svec(A), Svec(B)) == dot(A, B) for symmetric A, B. Specifically,
15:39 < ricklly> But if we just want the Upper triangular representation of a symmetric matrix?
15:41 < ricklly> the vectorize of the upper triangular representation of a symmetric matrix, How to acquire it by builtin-function? Or I need to implement it crudely?
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18:58 < rcurtin> hi everyone, I guess we can get started in a minute or two :)
18:59 < zoq> yeah, I think so :)
19:00 < rcurtin> ok, it is 1900 UTC, so let's go ahead and get started...
19:00 < Atharva> okay :)
19:01 < rcurtin> hello everyone! I'm Ryan Curtin, one of the organization administrators for mlpack. I think I have met all of you by now so hopefully it is not a surprise who I am :)
19:01 < manish7294> ya not at all :)
19:01 < rcurtin> the purpose of this meeting is just to welcome everyone to GSoC, go quickly over how the program works, what the expectations are for students and mentors, and then we can all introduce ourselves and get to know each other a little bit
19:02 < rcurtin> the channel is logged, so for Wenhao and Kevin who weren't able to make it at this time (and anyone else who wants to refer to this later), you can see the logs at
19:02 < rcurtin> (and you can use the history there to see previous days, etc., all the way back to whenever I set the system up, which I think was maybe 2013 sometime?)
19:02 < rcurtin> ok, so with all that in mind, congratulations to all of you for being accepted!
19:03 < haritha1313> Thanks :)
19:03 < rcurtin> this year was very competitive; we had over 100 applications for just 6 spots. so it was difficult to select the best applications from all these, but we did our best and we selected each of you :)
19:03 < Atharva> Thanks a lot to the mentors for the confidence shown in me and my project :)
19:03 < rcurtin> this won't be the most busy year for GSoC for mlpack, and personally I'm a bit relieved by that... last year we had 10 students and it was kind of crazy---lots of PRs, lots of activity, tons going on
19:04 < rcurtin> a slightly smaller group means that, at least for me and probably the other mentors, we will have more time to focus on individual projects
19:04 < rcurtin> in any case, I'm very excited about GSoC 2018 and I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do by the end of the summer :)
19:04 < rcurtin> so, the timeline---
19:05 < zoq> right, the last year was crazy
19:05 < rcurtin> right now, we are in the Community Bonding period, which lasts until May 14th; in previous years, it's gone through the end of May, but I guess this year they want coding to start earlier
19:05 < rcurtin> the Community Bonding period is a good time to get to know your mentor, the community, poke around the code, and so forth
19:06 < rcurtin> so, for instance, discussion in #mlpack isn't limited to just discussion of mlpack... in previous years, for instance, we've had some nice discussions on music recommendations
19:06 < rcurtin> in fact right now I am listening to Moderat, which was suggested a few years ago... I was sad to find out the group broke up and won't make any more albums in the future
19:07 < rcurtin> IRC isn't the only place that the mlpack community talks... there is also the mailing list which probably most of you are on (
19:07 < rcurtin> as well as Github
19:07 < manish7294> Avicii here - its more sad
19:07 < Atharva> :(
19:07 < ShikharJ_> :'(
19:08 < rcurtin> :)
19:08 < rcurtin> (I'll write that down on my list to check out !)
19:08 < rcurtin> once the community bonding period is over, coding starts on May 14th
19:08 < rcurtin> but the community bonding period being over doesn't mean that we can't still talk about non-mlpack things. we are a friendly community (I think!), so you are free to participate in that community in any way that you like
19:09 < rcurtin> during the summer, there are three evaluation periods: from June 11-15th, July 9th-13th, and then the final evaluation from August 6-14th
19:09 < zoq> put trentemoller on the list as well :)
19:09 < rcurtin> (done!)
19:10 < ShikharJ_> Kygo and Jon Bellion are geniuses as well.
19:10 < rcurtin> there's no need to be too afraid of the evaluations---since we've selected each of you, we clearly think you are capable of doing the project that you proposed
19:10 < rcurtin> I'll talk about that a little more next
19:10 < rcurtin> after GSoC ends on August 22nd (which happens to be my birthday), then we hope that you will hang around, continue to be a part of the community, and then maybe participate in future GSoCs as a student or mentor :)
19:11 < manish7294> Marked in calendar
19:11 < rcurtin> in October each year, two mentors from mlpack go to the GSoC Mentor Summit, which is a big conference that Google puts on where we can talk about what went well in GSoC, what could be improved, tips for better experiences, and so forth
19:11 < Atharva> I strongly intend to hang around :)
19:11 < rcurtin> so if, by that time, you have any thoughts or suggestions, definitely speak up! so that we can send two mentors who will make sure that it gets talked about
19:11 < ShikharJ_> Same here :)
19:12 < rcurtin> so, that's the basic timeline. before I move on to expectations, any questions or clarifications or comments?
19:12 < ShikharJ_> rcurtin: Can we shift things up and down the proposed timeline a bit if it is fine?
19:13 < rcurtin> yes, absolutely, I'll talk about that more in detail next
19:13 < rcurtin> ok, I will move on, but if there are any other questions do feel free to interrupt me :)
19:14 < rcurtin> next we can talk about student and mentor expectations
19:14 < rcurtin> hopefully, the expectations seem reasonable to anyone and nobody should be apprehensive or worried
19:14 < rcurtin> mlpack has been a part of GSoC for five years now and in that time we have not failed a single student
19:15 < rcurtin> so it is not like we are chomping at the bit to fail students or anything :)
19:15 < rcurtin> during the summer, students are expected to be working the equivalent of a full-time job (I guess in the US this is "40 hours a week" but in other countries it's slightly different, so, whatever your definition of 'full-time job' is can apply)
19:16 < rcurtin> but there is no hard requirement on that. if you'd like to work more some weeks and less some other weeks, that is perfectly okay, so long as the work you've proposed is continuing to get done
19:16 < rcurtin> it's also true that timelines in the proposal tend to be very different than reality
19:16 < rcurtin> sometimes projects go faster than expected, and sometimes they go slower than expected
19:16 < rcurtin> if either of these things is happening with your project, you should approach your mentor and work with them to update the timeline accordingly
19:17 < rcurtin> sometimes this means that some of your goals will not fit in the summer; sometimes it means that you didn't plan enough work and can actually add more!
19:17 < rcurtin> but it is certainly not a problem if a situation like this happens, so long as you are working with your mentor to ensure that you have a solid plan in place throughout the summer
19:17 < rcurtin> to that end, it's really important to maintain regular communications with your mentor
19:18 < rcurtin> you should be communicating with your mentor nearly every day that you are working, and they should be kept up-to-date with what you are doing
19:18 < rcurtin> usually it can be really helpful to regularly push your code to your Github fork of the mlpack repository, so that your mentor can keep an eye on it and comment
19:19 < rcurtin> if you don't keep in touch with your mentor, then we as an organization don't know what you're up to, and this can be a problem at evaluation time---we are supposed to evaluate your progress, and so if we don't know what you have been doing it is difficult to evaluate well :)
19:19 < rcurtin> also, do be sure to keep in touch because disappearing students are a common thing in the entire GSoC program, and generally students who disappear have to be failed since they don't do the work they proposed
19:20 < rcurtin> I'm hopeful that those situations won't occur for us this year, and they haven't in the past, but I want to be clear about it so that there aren't later misunderstandings
19:20 < rcurtin> students are also expected to provide a weekly update of their project to the community
19:20 -!- ShikharJ_ is now known as ShikharJ
19:20 < rcurtin> in the past, this has been done with a weekly email post, or a post to the mlpack blog:
19:20 < rcurtin> the blog repository is found at, and we can get each of you push permissions for that repository
19:21 < rcurtin> but it is up to you if you want to use a weekly email to the list, or a blog post, or perhaps something else. we are not picky so long as the community is able to stay up to date :)
19:21 < ShikharJ> Is the weekly post supposed to commence from the start of the coding period?
19:21 < rcurtin> ShikharJ: preferably, yes; for the first week, you could (for instance) mention what the goal of the project is
19:22 < rcurtin> these weekly updates are nice for others in the community who may not be your mentor or may not even be a part of GSoC to see what is going on inside the program
19:22 < rcurtin> the blog I linked to has lots of examples of weekly updates from previous years, so you could take a look at those to get an idea
19:23 < rcurtin> it's perfectly okay for students to take vacation time or be otherwise unavailable (like maybe you have a trip planned already or something); but so that we don't think that you have disappeared, it's really important that you let your mentor know when you will be unavailable
19:23 < Atharva> :)
19:23 < rcurtin> lastly, we don't have a formal Code of Conduct
19:23 < haritha1313> Are communications with the mentor to be done over IRC?
19:24 < rcurtin> but it's generally expected that students will be respectful towards the community (and the community is respectful towards the student!)
19:24 < rcurtin> haritha1313: ah, thanks for pointing that out. I forgot to mention ...
19:24 < rcurtin> how you communicate with your mentor is up to you, but we'd encourage you to communicate in a public way (mailing list, IRC, github issues)
19:24 < rcurtin> this allows others from the community to comment and help out where necessary
19:24 < rcurtin> since we are an open source project, it's helpful to have an open community :)
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19:25 < rcurtin> a last note about the code of conduct---I don't think we've ever had any real incidents of people acting disrespectful, but if you are ever in a situation where someone's said something to you that's off-putting (even if it's me!),
19:25 < Atharva> Just curious, did any of the other gsoc students mention vacations in their proposal? :)
19:25 < rcurtin> please do speak up so that we can resolve the situation in a friendly way!
19:26 < rcurtin> Atharva: I can't remember for sure if anyone has said anything for this year, but usually a few students at least will have some trip planned, or some exams that will make them unavailable, or something like this
19:26 < rcurtin> it hasn't ever been a problem in the past, again the key is just to let the mentor know beforehand so nobody thinks that you have disappeared :)
19:27 < Atharva> yes of course
19:27 < rcurtin> before I move on to mentor expectations, let me pause for a minute or two in case anyone has any questions or comments
19:27 < ShikharJ> Atharva: I mentioned about a couple of days off for a family vacation.
19:27 < Atharva> ShikharJ: Oh cool
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19:28 < zoq> ShikharJ Atharva: If you don't have any plans yet, Germany is nice :)
19:29 < haritha1313_> Are we supposed to work on our fork of mlpack and submit PR at evaluation time or have an active PR during the entire period?
19:29 < Atharva> zoq: I am coming to berlin :)
19:29 < Atharva> 9-13th may
19:29 < sumedhghaisas> cant say that about UK :)
19:29 < rcurtin> haritha1313_: typically in the past, students would split their work into multiple PRs that get merged over the summer
19:30 < rcurtin> but it would depend on the project. I think for yours, it could be done in a few different PRs, but I have not put too much thought into it
19:30 < zoq> Atharva: Maybe we could meet somewhere :)
19:30 < rcurtin> in other situations, students will open WIP PRs and update them as they go, which is nice because it lets the mentor comment directly as a code review
19:30 < rcurtin> so, up to your preferences :)
19:30 < Atharva> zoq: I was thinking about asking you about a meet, I will let you know when I get there :)
19:31 < haritha1313_> rcurtin: Yes, that is what I had in mind. Juse confirming since you mentioned earlier about working on a fork.
19:31 < zoq> Atharva: yeah, sounds good.
19:31 < rcurtin> Atharva: zoq: I was hoping I would be coming through Berlin this year as a part of a vacation, but it looks like it will not work out (I was going to be in Europe for ICML, but I think there is no budget for me this year)
19:31 < rcurtin> anyway, any other questions about student expectations/process before I move on?
19:31 < sumedhghaisas> rcurtin: great.. I am coming to ICML too :)
19:31 < rcurtin> and of course if you have any questions during the summer or at any time do feel free to ask!
19:32 < rcurtin> sumedhghaisas: ah but the issue is that I won't be going to ICML :(
19:32 < zoq> :(
19:32 -!- robertohueso [~roberto@] has left #mlpack []
19:32 < rcurtin> unless I can get a workshop paper in or something. but the list of workshops is not yet posted I think
19:32 < sumedhghaisas> ahh :(
19:32 < ShikharJ> zoq: I had a few plans for visiting Dresden, but not this summer though :) I'm probably a long way from becoming a published author in ICML :P
19:32 < rcurtin> ah, the workshops are up now! I will have to look later
19:32 < sumedhghaisas> rcurtin: yeah they are still updating it
19:33 < rcurtin> anyway, moving on to mentor expectations---these are important to point out so that students know what they can expect, even if all the mentors in the room have heard me say this multiple times :)
19:33 < zoq> ShikharJ: Perhaps we could put something together, that includes the GSoC work.
19:33 < sumedhghaisas> ICML is in sweden in middle of summer ... best thing ever
19:34 < rcurtin> mentors are expected to work with their students to find times that both they and the student are regularly available to communicate and work with each other
19:34 < rcurtin> and mentors should also be willing to help debug code problems and help students understand theory or papers as needed
19:34 < ShikharJ> zoq: Sounds interesting, I'll get back to you regarding this.
19:34 < rcurtin> definitely the mentor is not expected to do the work of the project, but, they should be there to help when they are needed
19:35 < rcurtin> just like for students, it's important that the mentor notifies their students (and probably others) if they will be unavailable during the summer period due to a vacation or similar
19:35 < rcurtin> in general, mentors should aim to communicate with their student in public so the community can see the progress of the project, but like I said earlier this is not a firm requirement, and whatever works best for a given student-mentor combination should be used :)
19:36 < rcurtin> mentors are required to submit the two midterm evaluations and final evaluation for the student, and Google is pretty firm about the deadline
19:36 < rcurtin> but I don't expect that anyone can forget because Google sends emails basically every day when the evaluations haven't been done
19:36 < rcurtin> the evaluations aren't hard or time-consuming so it is not much to worry about :)
19:37 < rcurtin> mentors should also track the progress of their student's project and make sure that the project is proceeding according to the timeline
19:37 < rcurtin> and if this is not happening (for whatever reason), they should work with the student to establish a more realistic timeline and set of goals
19:37 < rcurtin> mentors shouldn't choose to fail students without any warning---in any situation like this, the student should be made adequately aware of what the expectations for a passing evaluation are
19:38 < rcurtin> but again, with mlpack it has historically been pretty rare for a student to even be close to that situation
19:38 < rcurtin> so, that does it for the mentor expectations. the last thing is, to set up the organization properly on Github, I'll need to get everyone's Github accounts.
19:39 < rcurtin> I already have all of these, or, at least, the ones each of you have used to contribute to mlpack in the past
19:39 < rcurtin> but if you want to use a different one for some reason, do let me know
19:39 < rcurtin> any questions about expectations, communications, process, etc.? next I'll give a quick history of mlpack and maybe some ideas of what I think the future will hold
19:40 < zoq> no comments from my end
19:40 < sumedhghaisas> Sounds good to me :)
19:41 < rcurtin> ok, then I will move on to the quick history
19:42 < rcurtin> mlpack was originally started in early 2007 in a Georgia Tech lab called the FASTLab
19:42 < rcurtin> the FASTLab was led by Dr. Alex Gray, whose work focused specifically on dual-tree algorithms for tasks like nearest neighbor search
19:42 < rcurtin> so the library originally focused on these types of techniques---nearest neighbor search, furthest neighbor search, KDE, range search, minimum spanning tree calculation
19:43 < rcurtin> at the time the library was called FASTLib/MLPACK and it was very confusing, and poorly designed
19:43 < rcurtin> I joined the lab in late 2009, and at that time there were probably ~10 people actively contributing to the library
19:44 < rcurtin> I was asked to maintain and lead the library, but since it was in a bad state, a lot of redesign and refactoring was necessary
19:44 < rcurtin> so we built a team of 5 or 6 people and did all the refactoring between 2010 and 2011, finally releasing mlpack 1.0.0 in December 2011 at a NIPS workshop
19:44 < rcurtin> later, Alex Gray left the lab to found the company Skytree (now a part of Infosys)
19:45 < rcurtin> but as the lab got smaller as people graduated (actually I was the last of the FASTLab to graduate, a few years ago), the library started participating in Google Summer of Code, for the first time in 2013
19:45 < rcurtin> since then, we've participated in 2014, 2016, and 2017 (we weren't accepted in 2015)
19:46 < rcurtin> and during that time, we've had lots of releases, including mlpack 2 in late 2015 and mlpack 3 just a few weeks ago
19:46 < rcurtin> the community has grown a lot---in 2011 it was just me and a couple of undergraduates we had working with the lab, and now there are over 100 contributors!
19:46 < Atharva> just curious, do organisations have to submit a proposal too?
19:46 < rcurtin> so it has been really cool to watch this growth over the years
19:47 < rcurtin> Atharva: yep, we submit one every year. basic questions about what our student selection process is, why we want to be a part of it, and so forth
19:47 < Atharva> rcurtin: Oh nice
19:47 < rcurtin> we actually have contributors from every continent except Antarctica (I am hoping sooner or later we will get a PR from there!)
19:48 < rcurtin> and lots of countries from around the world, including some from North Korea
19:48 < rcurtin> and some contributions by a deep learning system:
19:48 < rcurtin> I think, over the years, we have had almost 25-30 GSoC students now
19:49 < rcurtin> and if you travel to conferences, chances are high that you will run into someone who has worked on mlpack :) (if you know where to find them that is)
19:50 < rcurtin> so, that's a quick history of mlpack! I guess it is hard to compress eleven years into 10 minutes
19:50 < rcurtin> I am sure there are lots of things I have left out
19:50 < rcurtin> these days, the library is more of a general-purpose C++ machine learning library, instead of focusing specifically on tree-based techniques
19:50 < rcurtin> I'm very excited about the deep learning framework; I think it is really well put together and I hope to see more improvements to it in the future
19:51 < haritha1313_> Regarding history, I once came across a video of the history of development of mlpack on youtube. It was pretty cool :)
19:51 < rcurtin> ah, yeah, I think someone used a tool called Gource? don't remember the name. and it visualizes all the commits
19:51 < rcurtin> it would be neat to update it to 2018, because I think that one only went through 2015
19:51 < rcurtin> I'm also excited about bindings to other languages. I've found over the years that a lot of people are afraid of C++, but, people do like fast implementations---so if we can provide easy ways to use them, I think it can have some nice impact
19:52 < rcurtin> with the mlpack 3 release some weeks back, we submitted a paper to the Journal of Open Source Software
19:52 < Atharva> rcurtin: zoq: What do you think about a python wrapper for the deep learning API of mlpack?
19:52 < rcurtin> Atharva: I think it would be really cool---I think maybe it could be done in the same way the command-line programs can be done
19:52 -!- ImQ009 [~ImQ009@unaffiliated/imq009] has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
19:52 < rcurtin> (a hand-maintained binding could also be okay if it were managed separately from the project, but it can be a lot of maintenance...)
19:53 < rcurtin> I'm excited also about adding support for bindings to other languages
19:53 < ShikharJ> rcurtin: Does mlpack have any other majorly usedd C++ based competitors currently?
19:53 < zoq> Atharva: Agreed, that would be awesome.
19:53 < rcurtin> ShikharJ: I don't know if "competitor" is the right word, but there is also the shogun toolbox :)
19:53 < rcurtin>
19:53 < rcurtin> there's a picture of some shogun devs and me and marcus (left) at the Mentor Summit in 2015
19:54 < Atharva> rcurtin: zoq: After the gsoc period, I would love to work on that, because the performance of c++ and the ease of use and reach of python would be a good combination
19:54 < rcurtin> one of the other shogun developers sent a picture from last year but I can't seem to find a quick URL
19:54 < rcurtin> I hang out in their channel and some of them (wiking for instance) hang out in here :)
19:55 < rcurtin> we've talked of having a joint hackathon in the past; I hope we can actually make it happen in the future
19:55 < rcurtin> so, I guess, I have talked for a long time, but maybe it is a good time to move to introductions so we can all get to know each other a bit :)
19:55 < manish7294> :O
19:55 < rcurtin> I'm Ryan, I guess I already said that earlier :)
19:55 < ShikharJ> rcurtin: I take it that they also take part in GSoC? Judging from the picture of the person on the extreme right.
19:55 < rcurtin> ShikharJ: yep, they are a part of it through NumFOCUS this year also
19:56 < rcurtin> I went to Georgia Tech for undergrad, Master's, and Ph.D., and now I work at Symantec Corporation
19:56 < rcurtin> at Symantec I apply some of the mlpack work I've done to internal Symantec products
19:56 < rcurtin> typically to things like malware detection and analysis, malicious domain detection, other neat problems like this
19:56 < rcurtin> in my free time, recently, I've been restoring a pinball machine slowly with some friends
19:56 < rcurtin> here's a page with some pictures of it:
19:57 < rcurtin> so that is my introduction :) everyone else should feel free to introduce themselves in whatever order they like :)
19:57 < zoq> that thing is huge
19:57 < rcurtin> yeah... it takes two or three people to pick it up
19:58 < zoq> the cats :)
19:58 < Atharva> rcurtin: Is that your cat in the pictures?
19:59 < rcurtin> Atharva: yeah. the brown one is named Drusilla (actually I named an algorithm after her, it's in src/mlpack/methods/approx_kfn/) and the orange one is named Fritz
19:59 < rcurtin> unfortunately Drusilla got cancer a few months ago and we had to put her down a few weeks ago :(
19:59 < Atharva> :(
19:59 < zoq> :(
19:59 < manish7294> =(
20:00 < rcurtin> yeah, it was not a fun process. but it is inevitable...
20:00 < rcurtin> she was a good cat :)
20:00 < sumedhghaisas> eternal life by algorithm :)
20:00 < manish7294> By the way, you got some cool stuff =D
20:00 < rcurtin> thanks :)
20:01 < ShikharJ> I saw a picture of a 1930 Ford Model A (pretty cool) on your website . Do you still drive that car around?
20:02 < rcurtin> ShikharJ: yeah---it's not mine, it's a friend's. but we like to drive it around and take pictures on bridges. here's another one:
20:02 < rcurtin> I guess that is an old picture. I probably have some more somewhere but I have to dig it up. the car is very simple so it is easy to keep it going (but it doesn't go fast) :)
20:03 < Atharva> I guess I will introduce myself first?
20:03 < rcurtin> of course, go ahead
20:03 < rcurtin> we can't go around a circle or anything since we are all on IRC
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20:03 [ Atharva ] [ haritha1313_ ] [ lozhnikov ] [ rcurtin ] [ xa0 ]
20:03 [ caladrius[m]] [ jenkins-mlpack] [ manish7294 ] [ ShikharJ ] [ yaswagner]
20:03 [ dk97[m] ] [ K4k ] [ petris ] [ sumedhghaisas ] [ zoq ]
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20:03 < rcurtin> I guess we could go alphabetically or something :)
20:03 < manish7294> :')
20:04 < Atharva> anybody before me alphabetically?
20:04 < rcurtin> not by IRC nick at least :)
20:05 < Atharva> Okay, so I am Atharva Khandait, born in Nagpur, India. I currently live and study in IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India.
20:06 < Atharva> I have also lived in Pune, India before. I love travelling, watching good movies(I have seen a ton of hollywood) and also T.V. shows(lot of them too).
20:06 < rcurtin> I need to watch more movies :) what is your favorite type of movie?
20:07 < Atharva> I play video games on my laptop sometimes, but over the last year I have mostly used my laptop gpu for deep learning and less for gaming :P
20:08 < Atharva> I also like to watch standup comedy, it's a relatively new interest and I have never been to an actual live show, just videos
20:09 < sumedhghaisas> Atharva: ohh boy. Biswa or Kanan Gill? :)
20:09 < Atharva> I study Aerospace engineering in my college, but in my second semester I took a programming course and fell in love with it madly. So I am not among the ones who start programming really early
20:10 -!- ImQ009 [~ImQ009@unaffiliated/imq009] has joined #mlpack
20:10 < sumedhghaisas> lately I have been watching a lot of them... for reference they are some Indian Comedians that I started following recently
20:11 < Atharva> sumedhghaisas: I like both of them but my favourite is Louis CK
20:11 < Atharva> I think that's it, sorry for such a long intro
20:11 < rcurtin> no worries, there is no hurry :) we have all summer!
20:11 < sumedhghaisas> Atharva: ohh I love him too :) Especially the episode 'shameless'
20:11 < Atharva> Atharva: Yes!
20:11 < rcurtin> I guess maybe alphabetical is difficult if someone has to leave soon, I say, whoever wants to go next should go next :)
20:12 < haritha1313_> I think I'm up next alphabetically.
20:12 < zoq> the last comedian I saw was Michelle Wolf :)
20:13 < manish7294> sumedhghaisas: If you tell me bro, go enjoy yourself. I'll go sleep for 3 days;D
20:13 < Atharva> rcurtin: My favourite genre is thriller/mystery mostly
20:13 < ShikharJ> rcurtin: If you fancy foreign made films, I'd suggest some k-movies, Oldboy, Train to Busan and I Saw The Devil (watch the original with English subtitles). Though I must warn, they are not for the squeamish.
20:13 < rcurtin> I liked Oldboy, I saw that and the other two in the trilogy a few years back
20:13 < zoq> Has anybody seen Koyaanisqatsi?
20:14 < sumedhghaisas> manish7294: :P
20:14 < sumedhghaisas> rcurtin: Oldboy is amazing...
20:14 < ShikharJ> rcurtin: The one with Josh Brolin?
20:14 < sumedhghaisas> they made hollywood remake of that.
20:14 < Atharva> zoq: No, btw have you seen Dark on netflix, it's German
20:14 < ShikharJ> Or the original Korean one?
20:14 < sumedhghaisas> I like the Korean one better
20:14 < zoq> I haven't, but its on my list.
20:14 < rcurtin> ShikharJ: ah, sorry, I didn't realize there was a remake. we watched the Korean one
20:16 < rcurtin> haritha1313_: feel free, whatever you like :)
20:16 < haritha1313_> That was a good discussion going on. :D
20:16 < haritha1313_> Anyway, I'm Haritha, currently doing 3rd year undergrad course at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Gwalior, India.
20:17 < haritha1313_> I belong to Kerala, India. Its a beautiful place known for its backwaters, in case anyone plans to visit India :)
20:18 -!- manish729443 [9d25e03d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #mlpack
20:18 < zoq> wow, Kerala looks beautiful
20:18 < haritha1313_> It is :)
20:18 < rcurtin> are you on the beach? :)
20:19 < haritha1313_> Not exactly, but the beach is just a one hour ride :)
20:19 < rcurtin> ah, it looks very pretty, I agree with zoq
20:19 < Atharva> haritha1313_: one hour drive to a beach, how lucky!
20:20 < haritha1313_> I started programming in my school days, and C++ is my favorite. So naturally I was pretty happy when I found mlpack.
20:20 < haritha1313_> Atharva: Thanks :D
20:21 -!- ImQ009_ [~ImQ009@unaffiliated/imq009] has joined #mlpack
20:21 < sumedhghaisas> one hour drive to a WARM beach! WARM is important :P
20:21 -!- manish7294 [9d25b346@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
20:21 < Atharva> Also clean :p, beaches in Mumbai are not exactly pleasant
20:21 < haritha1313_> As for hobbies, I love reading, mainly thrillers and mystery, currently having my annual harry potter marathon. I am also a trained dancer.
20:22 < rcurtin> annual harry potter marathon... that is a lot of reading :)
20:22 < sumedhghaisas> yeah. How many times have you read it?
20:23 < haritha1313_> Haven't counted exactly. I have read the parts I like many times. Although the annual thing I started in 2016 only.
20:23 -!- ImQ009 [~ImQ009@unaffiliated/imq009] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
20:24 -!- manish729443 is now known as manish7294
20:24 < haritha1313_> I think thats pretty much my introduction. I think I'm the only girl around here. I'm not sure though. :)
20:25 < manish7294> Well then, I will take my turn. I am Manish, currently 3rd year undergrad at IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, India, Applied Mathematics Dept. Less of movie lover, more of Anime freak, Love to Japan!
20:25 < sumedhghaisas> some dedication :) I tend to do the same with Hitchhikers Guide
20:25 < rcurtin> haritha1313_: actually you are not alone this year, Yasmine is a girl also :)
20:25 < haritha1313_> Ah, great to know :D
20:26 < rcurtin> manish7294: I have been studying Japanese since I went to a conference in Tokyo. よろしく!
20:26 < rcurtin> but the language is very difficult...
20:26 < manish7294> I still don't know more than arigato! '=D
20:27 < rcurtin> :) よろしく is just "yoroshiku", "nice to meet you" :)
20:27 < zoq> sumedhghais: "look, it’s very, very simple..... All I want... is a cup of tea"
20:27 < manish7294> :')
20:28 < sumedhghaisas> zoq: ohh finally... I thought no one likes Hitchhikers...
20:28 < manish7294> As for my free time I like playing(destroying!) with systems and reading reviews of anime
20:29 < sumedhghaisas> zoq: I used PocketSphinx to make a talking book with RaspberryPi, just like in the movie
20:29 < rcurtin> manish7294: by 'systems' do you mean old computers? I like to play with old computers also if so :)
20:30 < sumedhghaisas> zoq: Just in case you wanna make your own Guide too :)
20:31 < manish7294> rcurtin: yup! and friend's live websites and other work too'=D
20:31 < zoq> sumedhghais: Nice, the hitchhikers guide is just awesome, I'll use the plants names to name my systems :)
20:32 < haritha1313_> Added to my reading list :)
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20:34 < sumedhghaisas> zoq: Are you listening to the newer radio podcast? Sorry if this discussion is taking a tangential turn :) I can't be up that quickly in alphabetical order right?
20:34 < yaswagner> I have to leave somewhat soon and was wondering if it was okay if I went ahead and introduced myself :)
20:35 < sumedhghaisas> Sure :)
20:35 < yaswagner> Great thank you :) ! So hi everyone, my name is Yasmine. I grew up in Montreal, Quebec (the french part of Canada). I went to McGill University in Canada for my undergrad, and will be starting my Masters next year at the Université de Montréal.
20:36 < yaswagner> In my free time I hike Quebec or Vermont's mountains when it is nice out! The views are breathtaking and its always nice to run away from the city for a bit!
20:37 < yaswagner> When its grey and gloomy I watch/rewatch Silicon Valley or Rick and Morty (which I highly recommend if you have not watched it yet!!)
20:38 < rcurtin> I went up towards Vermont once and it was beautiful... I hope to return there someday!
20:38 < manish7294> Nothing beats Rick and Morty=D
20:38 < sumedhghaisas> yaswaqner: I love both :) The new Silicon Valley episodes are amazing...
20:39 < zoq> Never watched Rick and Morty, the list goes on and on.
20:39 < zoq> sumedhghais: I'm now, thanks :)
20:39 < yaswagner> Agreed! I was sad at first that Erlich Bachman was leaving. But I still love it as much!
20:39 < Atharva> Erlich Bachman was awesome
20:40 < manish7294> zoq: You will burst in laugh
20:40 < yaswagner> I also love to read psychology or philosphy books (just finished 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson and started Antifragile by Nassim Taleb and highly recommend both! if you have book recommendation I would love to have some!)
20:41 < yaswagner> Yes! I dont think a show has made me laugh more than Silicon Valley :)
20:41 < zoq> Put Thinking, Fast and Slow and the list :)
20:41 < zoq> *on the list
20:42 < yaswagner> Read it! And loved it, Daniel Kahneman is a genius!
20:42 < zoq> agreed
20:46 < yaswagner> That pretty much sums up my side hobbies appart from coding and computer science :)! If anyone wants to introduce themselves, feel free to go!
20:47 < ShikharJ> I guess I'm next. I'm Shikhar, currently a 2nd year undergrad at IIT Patna, India, in the Computer Science Department. I spend most of my time watching k-drama (Goblin, Jewel in the Palace), American TV (Last Week Tonight, Silicon Valley) and pretty much any movie with an interesting premise.
20:47 < rcurtin> sounds great, glad to have you as a part of mlpack (and everyone else too of course :))
20:48 < zoq> I'm surprised nobody mentioned Game of Thrones.
20:49 < ShikharJ> I started programming in C++ about 4 years ago. In my school I was taught Turbo C++ (sigh..) and had to practically un-learn all of it after I entered college.
20:49 < manish7294> zoq: Now you mentioned the legend
20:49 < ShikharJ> zoq: GoT is a universal favourite I guess.
20:49 < zoq> true :)
20:50 < Atharva> zoq: Sadly, we have to wait another year for the final season
20:50 < Atharva> hopefully they will come up with a memorable one after taking so much time
20:50 < rcurtin> Turbo C++ :)
20:50 < zoq> right, and probably wait even longer for the next book.
20:51 < ShikharJ> Yep that one with the geeky blue screen from the Borland C++ compiler.
20:51 < ShikharJ> Pretty much had to start from scratch.
20:51 < zoq> ShikharJ: just opened the wiki page
20:51 < sumedhghaisas> SikharJ: Wrote my first code in Turbo C++ :)
20:52 < manish7294> ShikharJ: I have to admit that was my first one too'=D
20:52 < zoq> "Turbo C++ v1.01 and Turbo C v2.01 can be downloaded, free of charge, from Borland's Antique Software website.", let's see if this still works
20:52 -!- yaswagner [c6a81bda@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
20:53 < ShikharJ> zoq: Ah yes, that blue screen will never cease to exist in my head.
20:53 < zoq> "Create fast native apps for Windows, Mac and mobile from one codebase", maybe we should port mlpack to Turbo C++?
20:53 < rcurtin> I wonder if you could get it to compile mlpack...
20:54 < rcurtin> it probably doesn't do well with templates
20:54 < sumedhghaisas> with C++11? no way :)
20:54 < ShikharJ> zoq: rcurtin: That would be an engineering feat I'd say.
20:55 < zoq> But we could say mlpack build with
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20:55 < zoq> I mean Ryan builds mlpack on an old SPARC
20:56 < ShikharJ> I had worked on a Graph Plotting project (for single variable polynomial equations) using Turbo C++, and I'd say it felt pretty great at that time :P
20:57 < rcurtin> yeah, we have sparc64 build servers that build mlpack every day :)
20:57 < rcurtin> takes a long time though
20:57 < rcurtin> did everyone get the chance to introduce themselves? I think we heard from all the students but not the other mentors :)
20:57 < sumedhghaisas> I guess. Old is gold :)
20:58 < rcurtin> maybe if wenhao and kevin read this far in the logs they can come to the channel and introduce themselves sometime also :)
20:58 < sumedhghaisas> Maybe I am next after Shikhar?
20:58 < ShikharJ> Woah, SPARC servers :o
20:59 < rcurtin> sumedhghaisas: sure, I guess we did end up going mostly alphabetically anyway
20:59 -!- Atharva [67cb90d0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
21:00 < lozhnikov> rcurtin: almost:)
21:00 < sumedhghaisas> I am Sumedh Ghaisas, born in Mumbai but my heart belongs to Goa(amazing warm beaches)
21:00 < sumedhghaisas> Went for my undergrad there, Birla Institute of Technology
21:01 < sumedhghaisas> For some reason decided to leave my heavenly life for masters in University of Edinburgh
21:02 < sumedhghaisas> And now working in DeepMind, again London is not a good choice
21:02 < rcurtin> don't forget some time in Reykjavik ;)
21:02 < ShikharJ> sumedhghaisas: Is it the weather in London?
21:02 < rcurtin> although if I understood correctly mostly the weather was bad and it was rainy and cold :)
21:03 < sumedhghaisas> rcurtin: ohh yeah... I was in Reykjavik for 7 months...
21:03 < sumedhghaisas> most horrible climate...
21:03 < sumedhghaisas> London isn't too bad, but no warmth at all.
21:04 < sumedhghaisas> Even on a sunny day, its cold. Since I have been here only once I have walked on a street with a T
21:04 < sumedhghaisas> *T-shirt
21:05 < sumedhghaisas> apart from that, In my free time I play Table Tennis, or Ping Pong if you may :P
21:05 < rcurtin> I guess we still have yet to have the mlpack table tennis tournament :)
21:06 < haritha1313_> I like table tennis too, but only a college level player :)
21:06 < sumedhghaisas> watch Netflix, lately been reading books on philosophy behind Intelligence, currently on Godel Escher Bach... I will recommend it to anyone who likes math and AI
21:06 < zoq> right, if we do a hackathon we should keep that in mind
21:07 < sumedhghaisas> rcurtin, haritha1313: We are getting more players for the tournament :)
21:07 < rcurtin> I will lose, I am no good :) but I will still play if we do it!
21:07 < haritha1313_> :D
21:07 < sumedhghaisas> Although I must warn you... lately I have been practicing a lot on company time :P
21:08 < zoq> okay, Sumedh is the endboss :)
21:09 < ShikharJ> sumedhghaisas: I'm going to pester you for academic guidance though, I'm looking forward to a master's degree (though I still have a couple of years to graduate) :)
21:10 < sumedhghaisas> So that about it. I have to go for dinner soon. Already too late here. :)
21:10 < sumedhghaisas> SikharJ: Sure thing :)
21:10 < zoq> Okay. I guess it's my turn.
21:10 < zoq> My name is Marcus, born and raised in Berlin, Germany.
21:10 < zoq> I’m a PhD student at the Free University of Berlin focusing on automated theorem proving using different methods but mainly neural networks.
21:11 < zoq> When I'm not working, I like to parachute or climb mountains, sometimes a combination of both.
21:11 < zoq> If anybody likes to join me to get up to Meru or Everest let me know.
21:11 < zoq> or any of the other mountains :)
21:12 < zoq> above 4000m :)
21:12 -!- sumedhghaisas [5c082148@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
21:13 -!- ImQ009_ [~ImQ009@unaffiliated/imq009] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:13 -!- Atharva [67cb90d0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mlpack
21:14 < zoq> and as Ryan already said, always open for music recommendations, pretty much any type of music
21:14 < rcurtin> do you think you will do Everest?
21:14 < rcurtin> I remember talking to Heiko from Shogun, he said you do crazy things like sleep on the side of mountains
21:14 < rcurtin> lots of adrenaline :)
21:14 < zoq> Hopefully, next year or the year after, fingers crossed
21:15 < zoq> if you like to call it crazy
21:15 < rcurtin> ha
21:15 < rcurtin> that sounds really cool
21:15 < rcurtin> be sure to take pictures!
21:16 < zoq> will do
21:17 < zoq> That reminds me of something, you didn't mention that you do races.
21:17 < Atharva> zoq: Have you done this
21:18 < Atharva>
21:18 < manish7294> Atharva: Just looking at that, I am getting nausea '=D
21:19 < Atharva> manish7294: and I am scared of heights!
21:19 < zoq> yeah, it's not that bad as it looks like, you are pretty tired anyway
21:19 < Atharva> can't imagine doing that ever
21:19 < Atharva> zoq: oh boy
21:19 < zoq> rcurtin: That reminds me of something, you didn't mention that you do races.
21:19 < zoq> I bought the cat laser shirt, from the one photo :)
21:20 < rcurtin> really!? nice
21:20 < zoq>
21:20 < zoq> in case anybody likes to get one as well :)
21:21 < zoq>
21:21 < zoq> under 10$
21:22 < manish7294> zoq: Kind of DejaVu! Just happen to come across a CatZilla meme earlier today and now this t-shirt
21:22 < manish7294> Cats are on Fire=D
21:23 < zoq> The material isn't that good, but you don't buy such a shirt for the comfort.
21:24 < Atharva> It's getting very late for me, bye guys
21:25 < zoq> Atharva: See you around!
21:25 -!- Atharva [67cb90d0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
21:25 < lozhnikov> Looks like I'm the last one. I'm Mikhail Lozhnikov, a postgraduate student at Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics.
21:26 < lozhnikov> I like reading, hiking and music (mostly classical music)
21:26 < lozhnikov>
21:28 < rcurtin> whoa, where were the glaciers?
21:28 < rcurtin> or I think that is what they are... I don't spend much time near the arctic circle so I don't know :)
21:28 < lozhnikov> Iceland:)
21:28 < rcurtin> very cool, maybe Sumedh has seen those too :)
21:28 < rcurtin> but I guess it was too cold for him :)
21:28 < ShikharJ> I think I'll go off. It's 3 in the morning here in India now, need to get some sleep :) That is a great picture with the lake lozhnikov!
21:28 < haritha1313_> That pic is too beauttiful :)
21:29 < rcurtin> sounds good ShikharJ, come back and chat sometime :)
21:29 < zoq> ShikharJ: Ohh, good night!
21:29 < rcurtin> I also need to go... the sun is going down here and I need to put a transmission back in one of my cars... so I will get very greasy...
21:29 < lozhnikov> No, I think the temperature was as usual (for Iceland of course)
21:29 < zoq> Have you ever heard something from Nils Frahm?
21:29 < ShikharJ> See you around guys!
21:29 -!- ShikharJ [70c4b52b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
21:29 < zoq> kinda classical
21:30 < haritha1313_> I have an exam tomorrow. :( . Need to go too. Bye everyone, it was great meeting you all. :)
21:30 < zoq> haritha1313: See you around, and good luck with the exam.
21:30 < lozhnikov> No, not yet. Just opened the wiki page
21:30 < rcurtin> good to meet you also, and good luck! :)
21:31 < haritha1313_> zoq: rcurtin: Thank you :D
21:31 -!- haritha1313_ [2ff7b51d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
21:32 < zoq> lozhnikov: Also, I know this might be a bit random, since it's the Ukraine, but have you ever been in Chernobyl?
21:33 < manish7294> I think I should be leaving too now, sun will be rising within few hours here. Thank you all, it was nice meeting you!
21:34 < lozhnikov> zoq: no, I haven't. Usually, I prefer some wild nature for traveling:)
21:34 < zoq> manish7294: Ohh, good night!
21:34 -!- manish7294 [9d25e03d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:35 < zoq> lozhnikov: I see :)
21:44 < rcurtin> oh, by the way, if anyone wants any more mlpack stickers, just let me or Marcus know, we can mail more to you
21:44 < rcurtin> I bought 1000 a few months ago so there are quite a lot of them :)
21:44 < zoq> right, happy to mail stickers
23:00 < rcurtin> perfect, got the transmission back on. maybe someday I will get the car to drive again too :)
23:38 < zoq> rcurtin: What car are you working on?
--- Log closed Thu May 03 00:00:03 2018