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June 2018
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18:51 < sumedhghaisas2> Atharva: Hi Atharva
18:52 < Atharva> Hi Sumedh
18:52 < sumedhghaisas2> just saw your mail regarding the tests
18:52 < sumedhghaisas2> thought I would rather catch you on IRC
18:52 < Atharva> Yeah
18:53 < Atharva> Of course, I didn't see you connected and saw you reply on github so I just sent a mail.
18:54 < sumedhghaisas2> yeah. Actually I am back to India and went to visit couple of my friends in Bengaluru over the weekend
18:54 < Atharva> Oh nice!
18:54 < Atharva> Are you from Bangalore?
18:54 < sumedhghaisas2> Mumbai. Currently there. you are from Mumbai as well right?
18:55 < Atharva> Yeah my parents live in Nagpur, so I am here for the holidays
18:55 < sumedhghaisas2> I stayed in Banglore for a job before I went to Masters
18:55 < Atharva> Okay
18:56 < sumedhghaisas2> ohh... is it too hot there?
18:56 < sumedhghaisas2> Mumbai is bleeding...
18:56 < Atharva> It gets about 45 here
18:56 < sumedhghaisas2> although Mansion has started. that brings peace
18:56 < sumedhghaisas2> ohh my god
18:56 < Atharva> yeah that does
18:57 < Atharva> I have been out of my house 3 times in 7 days
18:57 < Atharva> I avoid going out unless it's really important
18:58 < sumedhghaisas2> That is just annoying... I love spending my time outside. I prefer working from a cafe or something
18:58 < sumedhghaisas2> okay sorry if I taking a lot of your night time. :P
18:59 < sumedhghaisas2> okay so about the tests...
18:59 < Atharva> No it’s totally fine
18:59 < sumedhghaisas2> firstly I would suggest, if the implementation is done. Send in the PR without tests... and we will keep updating it
19:00 < sumedhghaisas2> this way, I can start taking a look at the code and will even help me in suggesting tests
19:01 < Atharva> Okay, what about the KL divergence, i tried implementing it in the sampling layer itself but i dont think thats a good idea
19:03 < sumedhghaisas2> for now, there seems no other place to put it. I agree with you that there should be an abstraction over this.
19:03 < sumedhghaisas2> haven't had a chance to talk to Ryan yet. @rcurtin
19:03 < sumedhghaisas2> unless he is free right now :)
19:04 < Atharva> Ryan isn't generally active on weekends I think, maybe tomorrow
19:04 < sumedhghaisas2> if Normal Distribution is a go... the cleaning of sampling layer won't be a massive task.
19:04 < sumedhghaisas2> true
19:05 < Atharva> Yeah
19:05 < sumedhghaisas2> so let's just go ahead with the current setup with a heavy heart :(
19:06 < sumedhghaisas2> anyways... when do you think you can send in the CL?
19:06 < sumedhghaisas2> wait sorry... I meant PR
19:07 < rcurtin> sumedhghaisas2: you are lucky, I happen to be looking at IRC right now :)
19:07 < sumedhghaisas2> rcurtin: Hey Ryan
19:07 < sumedhghaisas2> how was the weekend?
19:08 < rcurtin> pretty great, I went hiking at this place:
19:08 < Atharva> sumedhghaisas2: I will do it first thing tomorrow morning
19:08 < rcurtin> it's unusual to see such cliffs in my area, it is mostly small old mountains to the north
19:09 < rcurtin> I hope the weekend was good for all of you also :) though I guess I have an advantage because it is still Sunday afternoon here
19:09 < sumedhghaisas2> Atharva: Sure thing, currently have you included any tests?
19:10 < sumedhghaisas2> rcurtin: looks great... I recently did South Dawns trail in South Dawns national park in UK
19:10 < Atharva> I tried to add a test for forward sampling, but I don’t think it’s concrete enough, i will push that too
19:10 < sumedhghaisas2> wait... let me share you the album you may like
19:11 < rcurtin> definitely, I would love to look
19:11 < sumedhghaisas2>
19:12 < sumedhghaisas2> Atharva: Sure thing. I will take a look tomorrow itself, and have some comments on the tests.
19:12 < rcurtin> that is really nice, I like the big open fields
19:13 < rcurtin> I did not take any pictures on my hike though :(
19:13 < sumedhghaisas2> regarding backwards, let's have numerical gradient test for now. I will take a look at the code tomorrow and try to suggest some tests if it's possible
19:14 < sumedhghaisas2> rcurtin: It was much of a walk than trail, although we decided to live on our own, I mean cook and everything
19:14 < sumedhghaisas2> so the bag pack got too heavy...
19:14 < Atharva> Also what about the backward of KL, should I implement that too in sampling
19:14 < sumedhghaisas2> mine was about 19 kgs
19:15 < rcurtin> 19kgs, wow... a lot of gear I guess :)
19:15 < sumedhghaisas2> except for that, wasn't a very difficult trek, much like a loooooooooooonnnngggg walk
19:15 < sumedhghaisas2> yeah... cause the third person had a back problem so we had to share some of his material
19:16 < sumedhghaisas2> Atharva: yes, the KL and the backward part will go in the sampling layer
19:16 < rcurtin> it looks like a lot of fun :)
19:17 < rcurtin> I have to step out now, I'll be back in a little while... I think maybe there was a design question you wanted me to look at? I can look maybe later today or tomorrow if you like
19:18 < sumedhghaisas2> rcurtin: Sure thing. Not a very urgent one. let me know when you are free again, if I am awake, sorry to ruin your weekend :P
19:18 < Atharva> Okay, I will open the PR tomorrow at about 12.
19:19 < sumedhghaisas2> Atharva: And nice we got the Softplus working :)
19:19 < rcurtin> no problem, my weekend is not ruined at all :)
19:19 < Atharva> sumedhghaisas2: Yup it was good to have it
19:19 < rcurtin> I'll send you a ping tomorrow or later tonight and we can sync up
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