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January 2020
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05:15 < jeffin143[m]> zoq i fondly remember you use mac , can i know which compiler do you use for .cpp
05:15 < jeffin143[m]> Clan or gcc ??
05:15 < jeffin143[m]> Clang*
05:16 < jeffin143[m]> I got my hands on a new mac , and couldn't include bits/stdc++.h
06:03 < jenkins-mlpack2> Yippee, build fixed!
06:03 < jenkins-mlpack2> Project docker ensmallen nightly build build #135: FIXED in 48 min:
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07:35 < VSaicharanGitter> Hey! I'm new here and would like to start contributing. Can anyone point out how I can start reading and contributing to issues? Thanks a lot :)
08:06 < jenkins-mlpack2> Yippee, build fixed!
08:06 < jenkins-mlpack2> Project docker mlpack nightly build build #576: FIXED in 2 hr 52 min:
08:47 < metahost> jeffin143[m]: this may be helpful:
08:50 < jeffin143[m]> Yup I came up with this workaround , i manually added it
09:51 < metahost> :)
11:20 < zoq> jeffin143[m]: I currently use Apple clang version 11.0.0 (clang-1100.0.33.16).
11:21 < zoq> jeffin143[m]: Are you using gcc on mac OS?
11:22 < zoq> VSaicharanGitter: Hello there, the get involved section here: should be helpful.
11:23 < zoq> VSaicharanGitter: Also in case you are interested in GSoC, should be helpful too.
11:28 < jeffin143[m]> No clang
11:29 < jeffin143[m]> I was trying to use gcc , i mean wanted to change it from clang to gcc
11:29 < jeffin143[m]> But some issues with llvm
11:46 < zoq> jeffin143[m]: I see, sounds like you found a solution; any particular reason to use gcc instead of clang?
11:47 < jeffin143[m]> No just use to it so thought of sticking to it, but any how i have fallen now to clang
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12:12 < hemal[m]> (Being lazy and directly asking here before googling) could anyone guide me on how to use clang to compile and run a simple mlpack program ?
12:14 < hemal[m]> Also, if your PR, the build fails and it is not due to your code / contribution, what to do?
12:24 * Nakul[m] sent a long message: < >
12:24 < Nakul[m]> *clang++
12:25 < Nakul[m]> Hope this help
12:26 < hemal[m]> Thanks ! Nakul
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13:33 < zoq> hemal[m]: Wall is just to enable all warnings, that said you can pretty much use the same flags as for gcc.
13:35 < zoq> hemal[m]: About the failing ci job, you can ignore that one, we have a bunch of probabilistic tests that could fail for various reasons like a to tight tolerance, we try to keep false errors as low as possible.
14:06 < rcurtin> hemal[m]: if you wanted, you could try and work with that failing test to improve it :) I think there was a guide written up somewhere, let me see if I can find it...
14:06 < rcurtin> ah here we are:
14:07 < rcurtin> anyway, don't feel obligated, but if you wanted to look into it and try to find a fix, feel free :)
14:07 < rcurtin> (also, you could open a new issue for that failing test too, and maybe someone else would be interested)
14:09 < PulkitgeraGitter> hi i am facing issues setting up mlpack. mostly regarding armadillo, I think ive the outdated version, any idea how to upgarde it, have been at it for quite some time
14:18 < hemal[m]> Simply run sudo apt-get update packagename ? ( Should upgrade it)
14:18 < hemal[m]> Also, if you could describe the problem, it would be easier to answer.
14:18 < hemal[m]> Pulkit gera (Gitter) : Which OS are you using ?
14:23 < hemal[m]> zoq : thanks
14:23 < hemal[m]> I'll check that out, thanks
14:28 < Nakul[m]> @Pulkit gera could you tell us from where you downloaded armadillo.
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16:23 < vikram2000b> Hello, I am Vikram Singh Chundawat. I am good at c/c++ furthermore I have done several courses and projects in machine learning and deep learning and I am interested in this field. I want to gain more insight in this field and I am interested in contributing in this organisation. So, please guide me on how to start working and contributing in this
16:23 < vikram2000b> organisation, as I am a beginner to open source community.
16:53 < hemal[m]> @vikram2000b, Hello, this ( should be helpful!
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17:20 < PulkitgeraGitter> im using ubuntu 16
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18:18 < jenkins-mlpack2> Project docker mlpack monthly build build #14: ABORTED in 2 mo 24 days:
19:15 < zoq> Pulkitgera: ubuntu 16.04 does provide an armadillo version that should work, did you install armadillo via the package manager?
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19:46 < Valliappan_CAGit> if the Armadillo version in Ubuntu is greater than 8.5 then you are good to build mlpack, else you can build from the latest version from sourceforge
19:47 < Valliappan_CAGit> i meant build the Armadillo from sourceforge
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