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January 2020
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04:27 < Shikhar-SGitter[> Hi! Does anyone here use VSCode ? Could they guide me which extension they use for linting according to mlpack's style guide ?
04:49 < metahost> Shikhar-SGitter[ : I do use VSCode, but I don't think we have settings for linting according to the design guidelines. I do it manually. There was a comment on a PR I'd seen though that wanted to incorporate what you are speaking of, let me see if I can find it.
04:51 < metahost> Here you go:
04:52 < Shikhar-SGitter[> If so, which tool does mlpack build use to check style errors? @rcurtin
04:53 < Shikhar-SGitter[> @matrixbot Thanks !
10:23 < Shikhar-SGitter[> Could someone please review #2135 ? I have added tests as advised and removed dependency from aramadillo's internal function guess_file_type. I notice that the builds for some environments are failing. Could someone point out how to debug these failures ?
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12:37 < ashutosh1919> Hello, I am Ashutosh Hathidara from India. I have been contributing opensource for 2 years or so now. I have contributed MAPE metric function in sklearn, Quantile huber loss in keras and in tensorflow. Also, there are many small contributions in other large projects too. I have experience in working with Databases, ML and DL models and statistical
12:37 < ashutosh1919> tools. Now, I am interested in working and contributing opensource projects of mlpack. I am in a confusion that from where to start and on what to work on. If someone can suggest briefly, then that would be great for me to start my opensource contributions in mlpack projects.
12:43 < Nakul[m]> ashutosh1919: welcome ashutosh1919 you can have a familiarity with this org from here
12:45 < ashutosh1919> Thank you Nakul[m]
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14:07 < siddhant2001Gitt> Hi, my name is Siddhant Jain. I am a first year Computer Science student at IIIT Hyderabad, I am interested in Deep Learning and it's applications, more specifically computer vision. I have been coding in c++ for the past 3 years. I am excited about contributing to mlpack :D
14:51 < zoq> siddhant2001: Hello there, sounds good, let us know if we should clarify anything.
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15:31 < kartikdutt18Gitt> Hi @zoq, are the changes on PR #2126 okay?
15:31 < kartikdutt18Gitt> I was thinking of taking up a similar issue if this one was ok.
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15:33 < zoq> kartikdutt18 (Gitter)APP 4:31 PM
15:33 < zoq> Sorry, yes, but I think each layer is already taken up.
15:39 < kartikdutt18Gitt> Ohh, Thanks. I will find something to work on.
16:36 < abernauer[m]> Nakul: I will get back to those CMake notes in a couple days. I have a job interview Friday I am preparing for at the moment.
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18:28 < karanpreet> Hi everyone , I wish to contribute to this organization . I am currently a Computer Science undergrad in Indian Institute of Technology , Roorkee . I have some experience in development and fluent in c++ too. It would be really helpful if anyone could let me know , how and from where can I start . Thanks!
18:29 < abernauer[m]> karanpreet:
18:30 < Nakul[m]> hi I been going through its official doc don't worry
18:31 < Nakul[m]> And best of luck for interview
18:32 < abernauer[m]> Thanks. Yeah If you want I can prioritize the best practice sections of that book if you're referencing the documentation.
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18:36 < karanpreet> Thanks @abernauer
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