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January 2020
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06:28 < Nakul[m]> > : I have a report callback almost finished, but that could be part of another release.
06:28 < Nakul[m]> I think this is also finished
06:29 < Nakul[m]> @zoq have a look
07:03 < KhizirSiddiquiGi> Nakul: CallbackTest doesn't pass, try to fix it using the Azure builld logs.
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08:01 < darthgera> warning:, needed by /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)
08:02 < darthgera> make has failed and its showing this
08:07 < darthgera>
08:11 < jenkins-mlpack2> Project docker mlpack nightly build build #583: STILL UNSTABLE in 2 hr 57 min:
09:14 < KhizirSiddiquiGi> darthgera: Try running `$ locate` on terminal. It should show some locations of
10:52 < darthgera> yeah it showed in anaconda and i tried linking it to it
10:52 < darthgera> but so far no progress. i did export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/gera/anaconda3/lib/
10:52 < darthgera> and did cmake and make
10:57 < Nakul[m]> Khizir Siddiqui (Gitter): but when I run ctest -T it passes all test cases
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11:37 < zoq> darthgera: So you solved the armadillo build issue (including libmkl), you could also build armadillo against openblas.
11:38 < zoq> Nakul[m]: Did you build mlpack with -DDEBUG=ON, as I mentioned before, if you don't some checks are disabled.
11:51 < darthgera> yes the armadilo issue was resolved but it fails at 57% with this error
12:02 < darthgera> still unable to link and getting tons of warnings
12:10 < zoq> darthgera: can you post the error message?
12:11 < darthgera>
12:12 < zoq> darthgera: Right, but I thought you got the same warning in the armadilo build?
12:14 < darthgera> while building armadilo i didnt get any warnings. during make, initially libmkl come as warnings and then at 57% it fails because of it
12:17 < zoq> If I remember right, one of the error message mentioned setting the rpath, did you test that?
12:19 < darthgera> it was a warning, could you tell how to set the rpath please
12:40 < zoq> -DCMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS="-rpath -Wl,/usr/local/lib", whatever the path is
12:46 < darthgera> infront of cmake?
12:49 < zoq> right
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13:31 < darthgera> its not working
13:57 < darthgera> unable to run cmake
14:09 < KhizirSiddiquiGi> darthgera: Try `pip install mkl`.
14:13 < zoq> what command line did you use?
14:16 < darthgera> cmake -DCMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS="-rpath -Wl,/usr/home/gera/anaconda3/lib/" ..
14:30 < zoq> darthgera: it should be a path not the file: cmake -DCMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS="-rpath -Wl,/usr/home/gera/anaconda3/lib/ -lmkl_intel_ilp64 -lmkl_core -lmkl_intel_thread -lpthread" ..
15:09 < rcurtin> darthgera: LD_LIBRARY_PATH should be a directory, not the name of the file, so maybe /home/gera/anaconda3/lib/ is fine for that
15:10 < rcurtin> also, are you sure it should be /usr/home/? I haven't seen a home directory under /usr since... some Solaris variant or ancient UNIX derivative...?
15:10 < rcurtin> I guess Solaris and SunOS used /export/home not /usr/home
15:29 < rcurtin> hmm... it appears I accidentally released ensmallen 2.11.2 dated tomorrow
15:30 < rcurtin> but, it's 2:30am on the 16th in Japan, so, I guess it's okay :)
15:31 < KhizirSiddiquiGi> rcurtin: :laughing:
15:32 < rcurtin> I should have written in the release notes... "this release is from the future!"
15:34 < KhizirSiddiquiGi> and then `import ensmallen from future`
15:35 < rcurtin> :)
15:40 < KhizirSiddiquiGi> :)
15:47 < jeffin143[m]> 😂
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16:11 < hemal[m]> Hello @zoq, @rcurtin. I would like to work on Graph Convolution Networks as a part of GSOC 2020. It could be considered as a part of “Essential Deep Learning Modules” or independent. My preliminary research says that it should be a part of MLpack.
16:11 < hemal[m]> 1. Has there been any discussion on this topic?
16:11 < hemal[m]> 2. Reference Links: ,
16:11 < hemal[m]> Let me know what do you think, thanks!
16:12 < rcurtin> if we want to provide graph CNNs, we need to ensure that (a) the user interface is consistent with the rest of mlpack and (b) the way that we represent the graphs that get passed as input is reasonable
16:12 < rcurtin> given that everything in Armadillo is expressed as matrices, this could be tricky, but if you think about it and come up with something consistent, I think it could be a good direction to go
16:12 < rcurtin> now, do be aware that we haven't even applied to GSoC 2020 yet, and we have no idea if we'll be accepted
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16:16 < hemal[m]> Yes, I am going through the paper, and I feel that I could come up with something consistent.
16:16 < hemal[m]> Ok, I'll start working on it anyways. :)
16:29 < rcurtin> sounds good
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17:46 < darthgera> cmake command still throwing errors after fixing path
17:46 < darthgera> is there a way where it can automatically install to usr/local/lib
17:47 < rcurtin> darthgera: what have you tried to fix it? have you looked through the CMake documentation to see how to specify install paths?
17:47 < rcurtin> just as a note, it's very hard for people to help when the input we get is "the command did not work" and not precise error messages
17:47 < rcurtin> :)
17:48 < darthgera> sorry rcurtin. right so you suggested earlier that the path i was providing to cmake flag was incorrect which i fixed it
17:50 < darthgera> i also tried by changing export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/home/anaconda3/lib/:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
17:50 < darthgera> this in turn has now started throwing /usr/bin/cmake: /home/gera/anaconda3/lib/ no version information available (required by /usr/bin/cmake)
17:54 < darthgera> however, warnings are no longer coming(which is a relief)
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18:49 < zoq> darthgera: Maybe it is easier to not build against mkl?
18:59 < darthgera> how do i do that?
18:59 < darthgera> cmake flag?
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19:33 < zoq> darthgera: should be helpful.
19:33 < darthgera> thanks, will check it out. rn its compiling with that warning
19:44 < Nakul[m]> > Nakul: Did you build mlpack with -DDEBUG=ON, as I mentioned before, if you don't some checks are disabled.
19:44 < Nakul[m]> yeah and tried once again ctest -T here is the result but can't understand why it is failing
19:45 < darthgera> i did with -ddebug=on earlier but didnt work
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19:46 < Nakul[m]> * > Nakul: Did you build mlpack with -DDEBUG=ON, as I mentioned before, if you don't some checks are disabled.
19:46 < Nakul[m]> yeah and tried once again ctest -T here is the result but can't understand why it is failing as you can see at line number 35
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21:01 < SachaD> Hello. I want to learn mlpack. I tried fnn example. I realized that mlpack uses arma::mat matrices, that has type double. Can I use mlpack with matrices of ushort type and how? arma::Mat<ushort> does not working. I saw lessons on youtube and there was told that is faster and better to use 2 or 4 byte types. Double is 8 bytes.
21:56 < darthgera> do i need to do make install after make,seems to do the same thing
22:00 < SachaD> darthgera, make - compiles the source code to libraries. make install copies them to the right place. In mlpack, I don't know why, make install does not set executable attribute for libraries. You will need to do that manually. By default make install copy them to /usr/local/lib
22:02 < darthgera> sudo apt install method doesnt do that?
22:03 < SachaD> it does if you install .deb package. If you want to install the latest version of something, you, usually, need to compile it by yourself
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