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February 2020
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08:09 < jenkins-mlpack2> Yippee, build fixed!
08:09 < jenkins-mlpack2> Project docker mlpack nightly build build #602: FIXED in 2 hr 55 min:
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11:46 < RohitKBharadwaj[> Hi all. I'm Rohit, third year engineering student from India, I wanted to start contributing to mlpack, and wish to apply for GSOC 2020. Could you please let me know where I can get started, I finished the quickstart in python where they used random forest model using mlpack and i could replicate it. Could someone guide me the next set of steps and whether I should continue with python or switch to c++( I would feel
11:46 < RohitKBharadwaj[> bit more confident in python)
12:04 < zoq> RohitKBharad: Hello, we have s special page for GSoC, that helps you get started:
12:05 < zoq> RohitKBharad: About switching from python, mlpack is a C++ library, so almost all projects require some C++ knowledge.
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13:38 < geek-2002Gitter[> hello i'm Ashley and i want to some contributions to mlpack
13:40 < geek-2002Gitter[> hi everyone i'm Sankirtana first year computer science engineering student from NIT Surat. I want to contribute to mlpack. i have knowledge in python , c++ and c.
13:44 < Nakul[m]> @ashley @sankirtana this might be useful
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16:05 < Nakul[m]> zoq: rcurtin hey looking for your comments on #39 on model repo : )
17:32 < kartikdutt18Gitt> Hi @zoq, if you get the chance could you have a look #38 on model repo.
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18:33 < sreenik[m]> zoq: rcurtin I have updated the GSoC ideas page. Let me know if it is alright when you get a chance :)
18:36 < sreenik[m]> I mean, I think the language isn't penetrating enough but I currently can't think of a better way to put it in
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20:30 < zoq> sreenik[m]: Looks good, perhaps we should isolate some directions, as I think we don't necessarily want to provide the same functionality as pytorch, but maybe we can go into a specific direction, like good functionality for resource constrained devices.
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21:59 < rcurtin> sreenik[m]: looks good to me too
21:59 < rcurtin> agreed with zoq, I think maybe highlighting some specific and coherent directions would be useful---but we can of course ask the applicant to choose the direction they'd like to go and assemble that as part of the proposal :)
22:00 < rcurtin> sorry for the slow response---I've been in Death Valley for the past three days :)
22:00 < rcurtin> we went to Racetrack Playa: --- it was really awesome (and completely desolate and isolated)
22:01 < zoq> rcurtin: Ohh, nice, did you see some of the places in Death Valley as well?
22:04 < zoq> The "issue" I see with the idea is that we will probably see a lot of interest since it's somewhat open.
22:04 < rcurtin> zoq: definitely, the idea will get *lots* of interest, but I don't know if that's a bad thing. :) leaving it open can allow lots of imaginative proposals
22:04 < rcurtin> (but I can see it either way)
22:05 < rcurtin> we did quite a lot... Sidewinder Canyon, Badwater (of course), Ubehebe Crater, Dante's View, Mosaic Canyon, a bunch of other places too
22:05 < rcurtin> have you been here? I thought you went to Joshua Tree after a mentor summit but I can't remember exactly
22:08 < zoq> Yeah, it's not a bad thing, I guess if potential students discuss the ideas before we can direct this into a direction we are all comfortable with.
22:08 < rcurtin> agreed
22:08 < rcurtin> it can mean some very interactive discussions though to keep people going in a useful direction :)
22:08 < rcurtin> up to sreenik to decide what he's up for, I think :-D
22:08 < zoq> Yeah, Dante's View was closed :(, have seen some really great pictures
22:11 < zoq> Despite that it was super hot, I really enjoyed the scenery.
22:22 < rcurtin> we went just as a windstorm was closing in last night
22:23 < rcurtin> so we got to watch the sun set and the light go away with 50-60mph winds... if you jumped the wind would blow you a few feet :)
22:23 < rcurtin> the temperature was pretty nice this time of year... only 80F at badwater, more like 60-70F pretty much everywhere else
22:24 < zoq> wow, sounds like you had some fun
22:38 < rcurtin> yeah, it was great---I had been once before, but apparently did not spend my time well; this time was way cooler and I did way more
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