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February 2020
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02:25 < PrinceGuptaGitte> I just saw now that convolution also take 2D inputs of dim (num samples, num features) and not 3d or 4d like(num samples, channels, width, height) like in keras.
02:25 < PrinceGuptaGitte> I was thinking it's a little odd, but it's also easier to maintain 2d tensors(mat)
02:26 < PrinceGuptaGitte> (Num features, num samples) *
04:39 < birm[m]1> Is masterblaster port 5005 down intentionally/known?
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05:05 < Rudra> Hello,
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06:13 < TanayMehtaGitter> I have a question, I know there are Neural nets in mlpack, but they should have something for automatic differentiation (like autograd for Pytorch) but I don't have any directions,
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07:38 < GauravSinghGitte> Hi, @heytanay you can have look at [this](
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08:46 < TanayMehtaGitter> @gaurav-singh1998 thanks for the link! I had no idea something like this existed in cpp
11:00 * SaraanshTandonGi sent a long message: < >
11:02 < SaraanshTandonGi> Also the exports to be done for LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PYTHONPATH in the end have been mentioned under the heading "Using mlpack without installing", whereas i needed to do it anyways.
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12:37 < Nakul[m]> I think you don't need to master oop concept but basic are enough to get through the code and also.. template is very important.So I would suggest go through some online resources for that.
12:38 < Nakul[m]> Opting any easy issue and solving will clear lots of concept and workflow of the codebase
12:38 < Nakul[m]> And that's important
12:48 < SaraanshTandonGi> Thanks.
12:48 < SaraanshTandonGi> Could you please confirm the reproducability of the above problems cause i see someone has created an issue for a similar problem.
12:48 < SaraanshTandonGi> I would love to get started with a documentation PR to give me a morale boost.
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12:58 < GauravSinghGitte> I don't know if this would be helpful but these are some of the articles I referred on the internet for the C++ concepts, [for C++ templates](, [for getting to know what is SFINAE](, [for C++
12:58 < GauravSinghGitte> metaprogramming]( I think you should start with the good first issues like [this]( and learn side by side. Thanks.
13:00 < GauravSinghGitte> Hi, @saraansh1999 I don't know if this would be helpful but these are some of the articles I referred on the internet for the C++ concepts, [for C++ templates](, [for getting to know what is SFINAE](, [for C++
13:00 < GauravSinghGitte> metaprogramming]( I think you should start with the good first issues like [this]( and learn side by side. Thanks.
13:24 < TanayMehtaGitter> I am facing 2 problems in building from source. 1. I have armadillo installed but it need version 8.400 and above. 2. When trying to install libensmallen-dev and libstb-dev, it says "unable to locate"
13:24 < TanayMehtaGitter> I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 and trying to build mlpack 3.2.2
13:26 < PrinceGuptaGitte> Hi @heytanay , uninstall libarmadillo-dev through apt-get as it installed lower version than required
13:27 < SaraanshTandonGi> remove the version of armadillo installed by apt-get and build it from source using their official documentation.
13:27 < SaraanshTandonGi> You can skip on libensmallen-dev and libstb-dev, CMake will automatically install them
13:27 < PrinceGuptaGitte> Just like he said then build the appropriate version from source
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13:28 < SaraanshTandonGi> I think it would be helpful to mention these small details in the documentation as they would avoid a lot of confusion for new people like me and would make the setup process a lot smoother
13:29 < PrinceGuptaGitte> Yeah I agree.
13:33 < SaraanshTandonGi> I'll try to write up a few modifications to the text. Things to include:
13:33 < SaraanshTandonGi> 1. Remove the armadillo library from the code snippet of apt-get, and add a line instructing to build it from source with a link.
13:33 < SaraanshTandonGi> 2. Remove libensmallen and libstb from the code snippet of apt-get informing about the flag that is by default set and handles the installation of these two automatically.
13:40 < TanayMehtaGitter> @saraansh1999 Good idea, Can I take on this small work? I want to get started contributing ASAP in any way possible. I will write both these points in `Building Mlpack from` source section on Github? What do you say?
13:40 < TanayMehtaGitter> (edited) ... Mlpack from` source section ... => ... Mlpack from source` section ...
13:40 < TanayMehtaGitter> @prince776 will try that rn
13:44 < SaraanshTandonGi> @heytanay actually it will be my first contribution too. So I would like to work on it. :)
13:44 < TanayMehtaGitter> @saraansh1999 Go ahead! All the best!
13:44 < SaraanshTandonGi> @heytanay Thanks a lot mate!
14:46 < TanayMehtaGitter> I'm doing `make` for mlpack on Linux and it's occasionally throwing some deprecation warnings (mostly with Numpy) is that normal?
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14:48 < SakshamRastogiGi> @heytanay I face the same warnings on Mac
14:56 < TanayMehtaGitter> @codeboy5 I believe it's okay as long as it's not throwing an error!
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15:07 < susanna> Hello everyone!
15:10 < PrinceGuptaGitte> Hi everyone, can anyone who has good understanding of `ann` codebase help me with a doubt.
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16:06 < PrinceGuptaGitte> Hi everyone, I'm facing an issue I can't resolve.
16:06 < PrinceGuptaGitte> The problem is I'm calling `boost::apply_visitor(outputWidthvisitor,network[0])` and I'm making sure there is getter `OutputWidth()` in the layer being visited. However it always returns 0. What could be the problem?
16:06 < PrinceGuptaGitte> I tried
16:07 < PrinceGuptaGitte> (edited) ... I tried => ... I tried to dodge it but using `ouputParameterVisitor` but the matrix it returns also shows 0 elements.
16:17 < KhizirSiddiquiGi> @prince776 : Many a times you need to train the layer one epoch at least to get the outputwidth parameter, if I am not wrong. I tried doing this summary thing quite a while ago.
16:18 < KhizirSiddiquiGi> Similar for `outputParameter` also.
16:18 < PrinceGuptaGitte> Oh thanks for the information. Do you have any idea what is the reason behind this
16:19 < PrinceGuptaGitte> Ohhh I understand now why it must be the case
16:20 < PrinceGuptaGitte> Thanks a lot. @khizirsiddiqui . I can finally progress.
16:20 < KhizirSiddiquiGi> :thumbsup: Do it bro, xD one really needs that feature sometimes.
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17:17 < vroom_coder> Hey, I am new here !
17:18 < KhizirSiddiquiGi> Hey vroom_coder!
17:18 < vroom_coder> I got to know about mlpack from GSOC and wish to contribute
17:19 < KhizirSiddiquiGi> You could look at these links for a start: and
17:20 < KhizirSiddiquiGi> Ask here / mailing lists to clear if you have doubts. :)
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17:27 < vroom_coder> Thanks for the links! I will follow the steps.
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17:27 < vroom_coder> In the Essential Deep Learning Modules project, what are the other algorithms that are expected?
17:29 < aadarsh-as> hi i am a 2nd year undergrad student looking forward to work on reinforcement learning project under gsoc is there someone i can turn to for guidance
17:39 < vroom_coder> I want to contact Sreenik Seal. How can I do that?
17:42 < SriramSKGitter[m> @vroom_coder: Just ping him here with what you'd like to ask. He'll eventually get around to answering your query :)
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18:36 < kartikdutt18Gitt> Hi @aadarsh-as, take a look at and .
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20:25 < zoq> vroom_code: as mentioned in the wiki, "it is probably not a great idea to contact mentors directly [...]", better to use the public channels
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22:18 < travis-ci> coatless/ensmallen#8 (require-history-entry - 09291ce : James Balamuta): The build has errored.
22:18 < travis-ci> Change view :
22:18 < travis-ci> Build details :
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