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February 2020
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09:07 < jenkins-mlpack2> Yippee, build fixed!
09:07 < jenkins-mlpack2> Project docker mlpack nightly build build #624: FIXED in 3 hr 53 min:
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11:46 < prudhvi-hack> Hello ,this is may be a stupid doubt .
11:49 < prudhvi-hack> i used #define many times like #define x 10 like but why here we used #define without giving a value like #ifndef MLPACK_METHODS_CF_CF_HPP#define MLPACK_METHODS_CF_CF_HPP .I know that there will be a purpose of doing it but i can't found it by google search. please provide me a source explaining why it is needed
11:50 < prudhvi-hack> sorry *not why it is needed but what it is doing ...
11:51 < zoq> prudhvi-hack: Search for header guard.
11:52 < prudhvi-hack> ok ,i will thank you
11:55 < prudhvi-hack> yaa got it...
12:02 < zoq> great
12:09 < taapas1128[m]> <TaapasAgrawalGit "@zoq Hello, I am Taapas Agrawal "> zoq ( I am interested in the project on Reinforcement Learning. I am currently going through src/mlpack/methods/reinforcement_learning/. Is there any issue that you would recommend that I should solve that would guide me in the direction of the project ?
12:15 < GauravSinghGitte> Hey @zoq, if you have time, can you provide some hints on how to move forward with [#2226]( Thanks.
12:15 < GauravSinghGitte> Hey @zoq, if you have time, can you provide some hints with how to move forward with [#2238]( Thanks.
12:42 < kartikdutt18Gitt> Hi @zoq, Sorry to disturb you again but if you get a chance could you tell me if I'm heading in the right direction with #2240 . Thanks.
12:47 * Nakul[m] sent a long message: < >
12:47 < Nakul[m]> I don't find currently issue specific for that.
12:48 < Nakul[m]> But it good to work some easy issue to get through codebase and work flow
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13:11 < taapas1128[m]> knakul853[m] : Thanks! I will find some issues to work on.
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14:49 < zoq> I will take a look at the PR's and issues once I have a chance, no need to ping me here. We get a notification for very update; sometimes it takes some time before someone is able to provide feedback.
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15:36 < rcurtin> agreed with zoq; sorry that we can't review everything immediately, but we'll get to it as we're able to
15:36 < rcurtin> in this community we have far more contributors than maintainers, so there is a bottleneck; unfortunately not too much we can do about it (I guess I could quit my day job but that seems unwise :-D)
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16:18 < metahost> Hi, Marcus, Ryan, how should I go about with a proposal? Will I share a link to the mailing list for review and suggestions?
16:24 < rcurtin> metahost: sure, that works; have you seen the proposal guide on Github? that should be helpful too
16:25 < rcurtin> typically what I look through a proposal for is (a) clear description of the work to be done; (b) clear description of what the API will be like (we have to be sure it fits will with the rest of mlpack); (c) clear and realistic timeline
16:25 < rcurtin> for (c) I should be careful writing that, as a "realistic timeline" is basically impossible to come up with :)
16:26 < rcurtin> so the bounds of "realistic" are pretty large---but basically what I mean is, if it says "I'll reimplement the entire codebase of mlpack in Scala in one week", well, that's a bit unrealistic ...
16:28 < jeffin143[m]> Haha
16:30 < jeffin143[m]> The toughest part in writing a code is naming variable
16:30 < jeffin143[m]> Also anyone till now fought with CORS errors ???
16:30 < jeffin143[m]> It's more difficult than a machine learning algorithm
16:47 < rcurtin> I do everything I can to avoid web development for exactly that reason :-D
16:47 < rcurtin> ML is easy, web is hard
16:53 < PrinceGuptaGitte> @rcurtin since you're explaining things about GSoC, I had a doubt. How large should the project be? For example I thought of implementing YOLO algorithm for object detection
16:53 < PrinceGuptaGitte> But I'm confused if it's enough for 3 months of work
16:55 < PrinceGuptaGitte> It'll have a lot of things to do like non max suppression, IOU, implementing anchor boxes, but is that a good enough project
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16:57 < zoq[m]> Absolutely a big enough project.
16:59 < PrinceGuptaGitte> ML is also more fun, in web we keep using APIs all the time. Not that fun.
16:59 < metahost> rcurtin: yes, I went through the application guide! :)
17:02 < metahost> Also, thanks for the detailed explanation!
17:05 < rcurtin> :) sure, happy to help
17:05 < rcurtin> and I agree with marcus, that size of project seems to be perfectly large enough to me too
17:06 < rcurtin> one thing to keep in mind is that timelines are often over-optimistic :) so typically I expect the students to not get 100% to the end of their project :)
17:07 < rcurtin> for that reason, I'm often looking to see some 'partial' goals, so that even if the project isn't completed, *something* useful is still merged into the codebase
17:07 < rcurtin> of course, that's not always possible, but when it is possible to plan for various checkpoints that can be merged into master before the end of the summer, that generally seems to lead to more successful projects
17:09 < SriramSKGitter[m> In that case, is a project implementing multiple smaller algorithms more favourable than a single large one?
17:11 < PranavReddyP16Gi> Hey everyone I was thinking of doing something related to NEAT or other such NeuroEvolution algorithms. Can someone give me a bit of guidance regarding that? Also is it possible to make a project suitable for gsoc related to NE? Originally I didn't think I would be trying for gsoc but due to a change in circumstaces I thought I'd give it a go.
17:13 < SriramSKGitter[m> @PranavReddyP16 you might find this interesting.
17:23 < PrinceGuptaGitte> I was thinking about this too
17:30 < rcurtin> SriramSKGitter[m: not necessarily, I didn't mean to imply that---there are some projects for which intermediate merges might not be reasonable and that's okay :)
17:30 < rcurtin> all I mean is that if it *is* possible to arrange the project in a way that has intermediate 'checkpoints', that's usually a good idea to do
17:31 < rcurtin> but remember, we are humans looking at the applications and so we can appreciate when there's nuance to the situation :)
17:32 < jeffin143[m]> I am a great example of that :)
17:33 < jeffin143[m]> It's almost a year we are yet to merge my gsoc work :)
17:33 < jeffin143[m]> Hopefully it will get merged soon
17:58 < rcurtin> jeffin143[m]: I saw Mikhail's updates, really excited about it
17:58 < rcurtin> hoping to merge soon... we are almost there :)
17:58 < jeffin143[m]> :)
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18:06 < PranavReddyP16Gi> @zoq applies NEAT right? How about implementing other neuroevolution algorithms like CNE or HyperNEAT? I don't know too much about it yet but I'm really starting to get into the whole thing.
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18:08 < ShikharJaiswalGi> @rcurtin Ryan, are you there
18:08 < ShikharJaiswalGi> (edited) ... you there => ... you there?
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18:10 < zoq> PranavReddyP16: We already have a CNE implementation in ensmallen, but adding another neuroevolution method sounds good, HyperNEAT might be an option.
18:11 < rcurtin> ShikharJaiswalGi: yep, I am here right now, just got back from lunch :)
18:16 < Nakul[m]> Hey abernauer
18:17 < Nakul[m]> are you there ?
18:20 < PranavReddyP16Gi> @zoq got it. As of now I understand that the key difference between NEAT and HyperNEAT is that HyperNEAT involves an indirect encoding scheme as compared to NEAT's Direct encoding. I will read about it in a lot more detail. Until now all my attention has been directed towards NEAT. I didn't even know other NE algorithms existed until very recently. I will delve more into the topic
18:20 < zoq> Sounds good :)
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18:22 < godfather_rana> hey I am new here, can anyone guide me how to contribute
18:22 < zoq> godfather_rana: should be helpful
18:24 < ShikharJaiswalGi> Ryan, what is the last date for mentor signup this year?
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18:24 < AmeetKumarRanaGi> i am facing issues to set this up locally...any links for that?
18:25 < Nakul[m]> Ameet Kumar Rana (Gitter):
18:26 < Nakul[m]> might be helpful.
18:26 < ShikharJaiswalGi> I might be able to make a decision sometime next week.
18:35 < rcurtin> ShikharJaiswalGi: there's no hurry at all, the final decision is whether or not to accept a student :) so that would be mid-to-late April I think
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18:42 < travis-ci> mlpack/ensmallen#693 (master - 08994c5 : Marcus Edel): The build has errored.
18:42 < travis-ci> Change view :
18:42 < travis-ci> Build details :
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18:42 < zoq> hm
18:46 < ShikharJaiswalGi> @rcurtin Cool, I'll let you know as soon as I sort my summer plans out.
18:49 < vigsterkr[m]> /msg rcurtin so how many ppl are nagging u? :)
18:49 < vigsterkr[m]> mmm not irc :D
18:49 < vigsterkr[m]> /rcurtin
18:49 < vigsterkr[m]> mmm this matrix...
18:49 < vigsterkr[m]> :)))
18:55 < kartikdutt18Gitt> Ohh, really sorry about that. Thanks.
18:55 < PrinceGuptaGitte> I think namespaces helps to avoid them, unless cors isn't what I think.
19:22 < rcurtin> hahaha :-D
19:23 < rcurtin> ShikharJaiswalGi: no worries, that sounds good. co-mentoring is always a possibility too, but anyway, up to you :)
19:26 < PranavReddyP16Gi> Also @zoq just a curiousity, Will implementing hyperneat be sufficient as a gsoc project or should I approach this as a stand-alone type of implementation
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19:59 < zoq> PranavReddyP16Gi: This could work as a GSoC project, yes.
20:00 < vigsterkr[m]> @zoq keep up the stream! :)
20:00 < vigsterkr[m]> currenly on #shogun i'm the only one who's handling the flood :)))
20:01 < zoq> vigsterkr[m]: technically, I'm in that channel as well :)
20:01 < vigsterkr[m]> help! :D
20:01 < vigsterkr[m]> hahahah
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20:53 < SaraanshTandonGi> @zoq Could you please clarify #2236 requested change?
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