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March 2020
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00:03 < GauravSinghGitte> Hi, @zoq if you have aome time kindly have a look at #2238. Thanks.
01:06 < kartikdutt18Gitt> Great, I'll make the changes for the same then.
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08:00 < jenkins-mlpack2> Project docker mlpack nightly build build #632: STILL FAILING in 2 hr 46 min:
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12:53 < Sreekanth> Hi all,
12:55 < zoq> Sreekanth: Hello :)
13:00 < Sreekanth> I am Sreekanth, a second year Computer Science pursuing B.Tech at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bhubaneswar. I want to be part of GSoC 2020, under the organization mlpack. I went through the ideas list proposed by the mlpack organization and found the idea "Reinforcement Learning" really interesting. Can someone help me out in proceeding to
13:00 < Sreekanth> the further steps..
13:01 < Sreekanth> *Computer Science under graduate
13:03 < zoq> Sreekanth: Thanks for the interest, and should you help get started.
13:25 < Sreekanth> Can I get some more information regarding this idea 'Reinforcement Learning' :] . Currently I am getting familiar with its source code There are no relevant tickets or issues provided for this idea in the ideas list. Is there something else that I can do apart
13:25 < Sreekanth> from getting familiar with the mlpack source code and the tests ? At the present moment, should I need to go through the research papers provided as the references ?
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13:36 < togo> do you apply ML on the IRC chat?
13:55 < zoq> Sreekanth: Yeah, you can go over the papers as well; that said maybe you can find something that could be imporved or extended in the RL codebase?
14:01 < zoq> togo: What do you mean?
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16:42 < pickle-rick[m]> What version of gcc do you guys generally use? I'm having trouble building mlpack from source. Its throwing a seg fault due to "internal compiler error". I haven't had this problem before. (Ubuntu 18.04, gcc=7.4.0)
16:43 < zoq> pickle-rick[m]: Most probably you run out of memory.
16:43 < pickle-rick[m]> Oh
16:44 < zoq> pickle-rick[m]: do you build with multiple cores?
16:44 < pickle-rick[m]> I tried make alone, and with -j option. Both failed.
16:45 < pickle-rick[m]> And I think it's failing at different points each time I try to build
16:45 < zoq> I see, how much memory do you have?
16:46 < pickle-rick[m]> 16 gigs. That's why I was kind of surprised, when you said I might've run out of memory
16:46 < zoq> okay, yeah that is more than enough
16:46 < zoq> can you track the memory when you build mlpack?
16:47 < pickle-rick[m]> Is it something about my local build environment that's going wrong?
16:47 < rcurtin> usually if it's an internal compiler error, there will be some other output near there that might say something like "Killed" if it's really running out of memory
16:48 < rcurtin> I'm on debian sid, so gcc --version for me reports 9.2.1
16:48 < rcurtin> I don't know if upgrading will help though
16:48 < rcurtin> maybe a lot of that 16GB is in use by a browser or something?
16:48 < pickle-rick[m]> I'll try the memory tracking and upgrading gcc...
16:49 < zoq> I also use 9.2.1-21.
16:49 < pickle-rick[m]> Although I'm not sure on how I might do memory tracking... I'll look it up
16:49 < zoq> just open top or htop
16:49 * pickle-rick[m] sent a long message: < >
16:50 < pickle-rick[m]> <zoq "just open top or htop"> okay thanks. will do
16:50 < rcurtin> /usr/include/c++/7/system_error:232:44: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
16:50 < rcurtin> :-O
16:50 < rcurtin> that doesn't look like an out of memory error
16:50 < zoq> yeah
16:50 < rcurtin> uhh, maybe upgrading gcc will work, but if it doesn't my suggestions past that would be
16:50 < rcurtin> - try clang instead?
16:51 < zoq> I think Conrad said something about that particular version, not sure.
16:51 < rcurtin> - ...this is a long shot, but maybe your RAM is bad? maybe run a memtest? I'd only suggest that if you're occasionally seeing other strangenesses and segfaults in random things
16:51 < rcurtin> zoq: I think you might be right, I just can't remember any of the details
16:52 < pickle-rick[m]> <rcurtin " - ...this is a long shot, but m"> This could actually be the case... I've seen some strangeness in random things for sure :)
16:52 < pickle-rick[m]> but i'll try upgrading gcc in the mean time
16:52 < rcurtin> pickle-rick[m]: it certainly couldn't hurt to try, but it's probably a long shot
16:52 < zoq>
16:52 < rcurtin> yeah, definitely a gcc upgrade first is the easiest thing to try I think :)
16:52 < zoq> the gcc-7.4.0 build looks fine
16:53 < rcurtin> hmm, it does, for all versions of boost and armadillo that we're testing too
16:53 < rcurtin> I need to get some lunch, I'll be back later :)
16:53 < zoq> but yeah, easy to upgrade gcc
17:04 < BisakhMondal[m]> Hello community, myself Bisakh, a GSoC aspirant, want to contribute to the idea 'Essential Deep Learning Modules'. Should I contact the potential mentors?
17:05 < zoq> BisakhMondal[m]: Hello, we like to discuss that sort of things on the public channels.
17:08 < togo> zoq: do you apply ML on the IRC chat? Its because I notice there is even a log of the chat, so you have a data set you can train with and a live testbed?
17:13 < zoq> togo: We don't, but I think this is a great idea, maybe some sort of ml support bot for some simple questions :)
17:13 < pickle-rick[m]> <rcurtin "pickle-rick: it certainly couldn"> looks like you're right... The memtest ran fine for 100M, 200M and 300M. But for any tests for 400M and above, the whole thing just goes crazy and throws a bunch of failures.
17:17 < togo> It would be just the learning experience if i could observe, how would one go about it?
17:17 < togo> zoq: I am at zero with ML
17:19 < togo> however I see the limitation of this user interface allowing only text output
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17:41 < BisakhMondal[m]> Hello zoq. isn’t it a public channel, I thought so..
17:47 < zoq> BisakhMondal[m]: yes, this is a public channel I thought you like to contact mentors per mail or something like that
17:48 < zoq> togo: Well, I think this is a great idea for a get started tutorial or something like that.
17:53 < pickle-rick[m]> <pickle-rick[m] "looks like you're right... The m"> I would need to replace my ram yeah?
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18:09 < togo> zoq: and what if the ml learns how to improve itself, takes over the channel and eventually the whole world ;)
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18:25 < ahmad242> hii ,
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18:27 < zoq> togo: maybe it takes over the channel :)
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19:58 < rcurtin> pickle-rick[m]: wow, I'm really surprised, I didn't really think it would be bad memory
19:59 < rcurtin> and yeah, you would probably need to replace the RAM to resolve that issue, at least, unfortunately
20:05 < pickle-rick[m]> Yeah... bummer... But on the bright side, we know what the issue is. I can hopefully get this fixed. Thanks @rcurtin @zoq
20:18 < rcurtin> sure, happy to help :) sorry it turned out this way though. did a gcc upgrade help, by any chance?
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