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March 2020
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06:40 < Param-29Gitter[m> Hello , I tried updating naive_method.hpp and tested on CircleTransformationTestNaive with number of samples = 1200. #2286
07:17 < jenkins-mlpack2> Project docker mlpack nightly build build #639: STILL FAILING in 3 hr 3 min:
07:50 < PrinceGuptaGitte> Thanks a lot for the suggestions @zoq
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09:50 < favre49> I've been getting weird behavior make-ing mlpack
09:51 < favre49> If I run with multiple processes (make -j4) I quickly run into a situation where all the processes enter disk sleep and use all my memory
09:52 < favre49> The processes just stay in disk sleep, as if it's some kind of deadlock
09:52 < favre49> But if I run it with just a single process, I have no problems. Any idea why that might be?
09:53 < AbishaiEbenezerG> oh wow
09:53 < AbishaiEbenezerG> i'm having the same problem right here
09:54 < AbishaiEbenezerG> when i did the make with just a single process, it took a really long time, but not too many problems
09:54 < favre49> Could you tell me your system specs?
09:55 < AbishaiEbenezerG> now, after i cloned mlpack from github and i decided to build it in a different location, i decided to make it with -j4
09:55 < AbishaiEbenezerG> and its taking forever...
09:55 < favre49> Could you use htop or some other resource monitor to see the status of your processes?
09:56 < AbishaiEbenezerG> 8 gb ram and i7-8th gen
09:57 < AbishaiEbenezerG> i have no clue why this is happening. i didn't even go to college today so that i could work on mlpack locally, and this build is taking all day
09:58 < favre49> That's some dedication :) Perhaps it's a simple issue though, I don't know enough to diagnose it myself. Hopefully someone else knows what the issue is
10:02 < AbishaiEbenezerG> sure,i'll try looking at my resource monitor....but the hang is so bad, that if i try opening an application now, it will open like 4 min seriously is very frustrating
10:08 < favre49> I'd advise just restarting your laptop. That's what i did, when i faced this issue
10:11 < AbishaiEbenezerG> here's my story- i started the build at 11 in the morning. At around 1, it got till about 75% and then it was practically dead. Then, i restarted my laptop and started all over again
10:11 < AbishaiEbenezerG> and here i am now
10:12 < AbishaiEbenezerG> and its at 78% currently
10:14 < AbishaiEbenezerG> looks like i'm going to have a long night, cuz i basically haven't even gotten close to what i set out to do today. very very frustrating. i'm so sorry for putting my pain out here, but i really wish i knew how to fix this up
10:15 < PrinceGuptaGitte> Even with just 1 core make-ing mlpack , it shouldn't take this long.
10:15 < PrinceGuptaGitte> considering your system specs are pretty good
10:15 < zoq> AbishaiEbenezerG: What was the last commit for the other build that worked?
10:20 < AbishaiEbenezerG> yeah, with 1 core not much problem there
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10:48 < AbishaiEbenezerG> @zoq so that build was on 23rd feb 8:30 pm ist
10:49 < AbishaiEbenezerG> the build is finally over and things are back to normal ig. but yeah, this something should check out
10:53 < zoq> AbishaiEbenezerG: can you post the commit hash?
10:54 < AbishaiEbenezerG> sure.
10:54 < AbishaiEbenezerG> i'm on the network page on github
10:54 < AbishaiEbenezerG> how do i see the commits with respect to dates?
10:55 < zoq> If you still have the repo you run "git log" to see the commits
11:01 < AbishaiEbenezerG> ok so looks like #2206 and #2219 were the 2 previous ones...
11:02 < AbishaiEbenezerG> not sure how much this would help, but at that time , i followed the exact instructions as given in the documentation and did it using just a single core
11:04 < AbishaiEbenezerG> today, i had cloned it from the github repo and started of with cmake ../ and then make -j4
11:04 < AbishaiEbenezerG> *off
11:04 < zoq> My guess is since you buld with j4 it fills up all your memory, and starts to swap out to the disk.
11:09 < AbishaiEbenezerG> another question
11:10 < AbishaiEbenezerG> the size of the 23rd feb repo is 8.9 gb whereas the one i got today is just 3.4 gb. why the difference?
11:11 < zoq> I guess including the build files?
11:12 < AbishaiEbenezerG> yes. both are including build files...
11:13 < zoq> Not sure, maybe you build the other one with debug symbols?
11:13 < zoq> or you have some other data in there
11:14 < zoq> just build with -j4 without any problems on my system
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11:16 < AbishaiEbenezerG> actually there are more items in todays repo- 100 more, and it still is smaller.
11:17 < AbishaiEbenezerG> idk, maybe something wrong on my side
11:18 < zoq> you would have to make sure you used the same build settings for both versions
11:19 < AbishaiEbenezerG> i thought something might be wrong as even @favre49 had the same problem...
11:20 < AbishaiEbenezerG> could the difference in size be becuz i had downloaded the zip and then did a tar and then did the make...?
11:20 < AbishaiEbenezerG> this was for the earlier version
11:20 < zoq> I thought you used the git master branch?
11:21 < AbishaiEbenezerG> oh no
11:21 < AbishaiEbenezerG> i used the master today
11:21 < AbishaiEbenezerG> i was a total noob and so i had just followed the documentation blindly on 23rd
11:22 < AbishaiEbenezerG> thats when i did it with just a single core ...
11:23 < zoq> Hm, but you last change was #2206? I'm confused...
11:24 < AbishaiEbenezerG> @zoq i think i'm getting it all messed up here, so let me clarify
11:26 < AbishaiEbenezerG> i don't think there's any correlation between my 23rd build and #2206
11:26 < AbishaiEbenezerG> i used the master branch today
11:28 < AbishaiEbenezerG> the build on 23rd was what i followed from the docs i.e the download of the zip and then tar that and so on...
11:29 < zoq> AbishaiEbenezerG: okay, so if you build the master branch with multiple cores, did you track the memory usage?
11:30 < AbishaiEbenezerG> i'm sorry if i'm really confusing you. but i think if the j4 worked fine on your system, then there shouldn't be any problems ig. Most probably, i've got something wrong here, or something wrong in my understanding...
11:31 < AbishaiEbenezerG> nope , i didn't . the system was like in a semi-hung state, so i really didn't bother trying anything. I thought i'll just leave it alone....i should have checked it tho
11:35 < AbishaiEbenezerG> I'm pretty new to open source contribution, so i still some time and space..
11:39 < AbishaiEbenezerG> i have one more question @zoq- now that i have my own local version of mlpack, when i make changes to the source code, doo i need to build mlpack again?
11:39 < zoq> No problem at all, it's always difficult to jump into a new project.
11:40 < zoq> yes, but it will only build the changes
11:40 < AbishaiEbenezerG> awesome
11:41 < AbishaiEbenezerG> thanks @zoq. I'm doing what i can to get better. Thank you so much for the assistance!
11:41 < zoq> Happy to help.
12:14 < pickle-rick[m]> Has anyone seen this sort of error when trying to compile a cpp file that uses ffn?
12:14 < pickle-rick[m]> /usr/include/boost/serialization/access.hpp:116:11: error: ‘class arma::Mat<double>’ has no member named ‘serialize’; did you mean ‘set_size’?
12:14 < pickle-rick[m]> t.serialize(ar, file_version);
12:22 < rcurtin> pickle-rick[m]: this happens if you do #include <armadillo> before #include <mlpack/core.hpp>
12:22 < rcurtin> the reason is that mlpack/core.hpp (or really mlpack/core/arma_extend/arma_extend.hpp) includes Armadillo in a special way that defines a serialize() function for Armadillo types
12:23 < rcurtin> but, it doesn't work if you do #include <armadillo> first :)
12:23 < rcurtin> in fact, in this case, the compiler probably printed a big warning about including Armadillo first :)
12:31 < pickle-rick[m]> Yeah the compiler did :), and I thought that would be a separate issue to deal with. But now I know it's not. I am yet to see where I've included armadillo, but let me go through all the code again. Thanks for this info.
12:52 < rcurtin> I didn't like that that's what we had to do to get serialization support in Armadillo---it's not fun to force include orderings on users
12:53 < rcurtin> but I haven't seen any other way to do it. maybe it's possible in some other way, but I haven't looked into it in quite some time... it was one of those things where I got it working and said "good enough" and moved on :)
12:54 < pickle-rick[m]> ah. I see. It is what it is right 😇
13:03 < rcurtin> yeah :)
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13:06 < MrityunjayTripat> Slack messages are not sent :(
13:06 < MrityunjayTripat> Or rather not seen on gutter?
13:07 < MrityunjayTripat> *gitter
13:10 < rcurtin> MrityunjayTripat: hmmm, let me check on it
13:11 < rcurtin> MrityunjayTripat: I guess that's why none of us have been responding to your messages :-D
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13:15 < ryan[m]> test message after relinking rooms
13:16 < ryan[m]> chopper_inbound okay, that seemed to work. I have no idea why... I just disabled the bridge and reenabled it
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13:17 < rcurtin> I don't often have mlpack slack open, so if the problem happens again speak up and I can do the same thing :)
13:17 < chopper_inbound[> Hmm... That's nice
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13:34 * chopper_inbound[ sent a long message: < >
13:35 * chopper_inbound[ sent a long message: < >
13:38 < rcurtin> chopper_inbound[: the boost test documentation suggests that <boost/test/unit_test.hpp> is what should be included:
13:46 < jenkins-mlpack2> Project mlpack - git commit test build #347: UNSTABLE in 59 min:
14:22 < SriramSKGitter[m> This might seem like a silly question, but where are the .html files created by doxygen stored after building?
14:31 < pickle-rick[m]> Its in build/doc/html
14:34 < SriramSKGitter[m> @pickle-rick : Thanks for the quick reply. However, I don't appear to have a doc/ directory in build/
14:34 < pickle-rick[m]> ah i see
14:35 < pickle-rick[m]> you'd have to do a "make doc" for that
14:35 < pickle-rick[m]> after going to your build directory
14:36 < SriramSKGitter[m> Doesn't `make` default to `make all` which should include `make doc`?
14:40 < rcurtin> SriramSKGitter[m: it does, but I don't think the `doc` target is available if you don't have doxygen installed on your system
14:40 < rcurtin> but if `make doc` works but `make` doesn't do `make doc`, it sounds like an issue... if you want to either fix it by modifying CMakeLists.txt and submit a PR, or open an issue about it, I think that would be a good way forward :)
14:42 < SriramSKGitter[m> @rcurtin : It is installed, shows up when I run `cmake ../`, although it does show `found components: doxygen missing components: dot`
14:42 < SakshamRastogiGi> Can confrim this
14:42 < SakshamRastogiGi> doc folder was not visible after make but after make doc inside build it shows up
14:43 < SriramSKGitter[m> I looked around and the missing component dot doesn't seem to be of any consequence
14:44 < SriramSKGitter[m> @codeboy5 : Looks like CmakeLists.txt will have to be modified then
14:44 < pickle-rick[m]> <rcurtin "but if `make doc` works but `mak"> ohh, i thought it was something make didn't do by default, because I already had doxygen installed as well.
14:49 < SakshamRastogiGi> I thought it might be choice, in case someone needs the documentation they can build it
14:50 < pickle-rick[m]> <SakshamRastogiGi "I thought it might be choice, in"> same.
14:51 < SriramSKGitter[m> Guess I'm the only one who thinks otherwise :) I would expect `make` to generate the docs by default
14:56 < nishantkr18[m]> Hey!
14:58 < nishantkr18[m]> I am actually stuck in a problem, I try this for running without installing `g++ -g /home/nishantkr18/Desktop/TEST/test.cpp -o /home/nishantkr18/Desktop/TEST/test -std=c++11 -fopenmp -I/home/nishantkr18/Desktop/mlpack-3.2.2/build/include/ -L/home/nishantkr18/Desktop/mlpack-3.2.2/build/lib/ -larmadillo -lboost_serialization -lboost_program_options`
14:58 < nishantkr18[m]> <nishantkr18[m] "I am actually stuck in a problem"> its giving me ` undefined reference to `mlpack::util::GetVersion[abi:cxx11]()' ` as error
15:02 < nishantkr18[m]> <nishantkr18[m] "I am actually stuck in a problem"> Is the correct way to run without installing?
15:03 < nishantkr18[m]> > <> I am actually stuck in a problem, I try this for running without installing `g++ -g /home/nishantkr18/Desktop/TEST/test.cpp -o /home/nishantkr18/Desktop/TEST/test -std=c++11 -fopenmp -I/home/nishantkr18/Desktop/mlpack-3.2.2/build/include/ -L/home/nishantkr18/Desktop/mlpack-3.2.2/build/lib/ -larmadillo -lboost_serialization -lboost_program_options`
15:03 < nishantkr18[m]> * Is this the correct way to run without installing?
15:09 < zoq> nishantkr18[m]: It's somewhat complex to build only a single file, so I would build mlpack first and link against the lib afterwards.
15:11 < zoq> SriramSKGitter[m: I think most people building an unstable version (e.g. git master branch) aren't interested in the doc.
15:12 < chopper_inbound[> ryan: Ok. Let me take a deeper look then...
15:14 < SriramSKGitter[m> @zoq : I guess you're right. I'll just compile them manually when I need to have a look :)
15:19 < rcurtin> nishantkr18[m]: it looks like your compilation command there isn't actually linking against mlpack and needs -lmlpack
15:19 < rcurtin> zoq: fair point, maybe it's better leave `doc` out of `all`
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15:32 < chopper_inbound4> rcurtin: Have a look at this. This might be the reason?
15:33 < rcurtin> chopper_inbound4:
15:34 < rcurtin> so, our CMake configuration links against, which suggests that boost/test/unit_test.hpp is the right one to include
15:34 < rcurtin> if you're trying to compile *_test.cpp files by hand, I'd suggest not doing that; much better to use CMake+make to build mlpack_test
15:39 < chopper_inbound4> rcurtin: Got that! Thanks for the help :)
15:52 < nishantkr18[m]> <zoq "nishantkr18: It's somewhat compl"> I had already built mlpack, and linked with `-I/home/nishantkr18/Desktop/mlpack-3.2.2/build/include/ -L/home/nishantkr18/Desktop/mlpack-3.2.2/build/lib/ `
15:53 < nishantkr18[m]> <rcurtin "nishantkr18: it looks like your "> but for -lmlpack, I need to install mlpack right?
15:55 < nishantkr18[m]> for development purposes, should one always install and use? would it not be better to just build the changes without installing?
16:03 < kritika12298Gitt> How to get started with Armadillo, actually I installed it but still i'm not getting how to use it with Dev-C++ on Windows
16:21 < rcurtin> nishantkr18[m]: nah, no need to install for just -lmlpack; with the -L option, you are specifying the directory that gcc should look in for libraries, and with -lmlpack, you tell it to look for in whatever directories it knows to look for libraries in
16:22 < rcurtin> and since you added -L/home/nishantkr18/Desktop/mlpack-3.2.2/build/lib/, it will search in there for and everything should link correctly :)
16:30 < nishantkr18[m]> <rcurtin "and since you added -L/home/nish"> I too thought the same, not working though.. I'll keep trying , Maybe i m missing something
16:30 < rcurtin> does exist in /home/nishantkr18/Desktop/mlpack-3.2.2/build/lib/?
16:36 < nishantkr18[m]> <rcurtin "does exist in /home"> yes, it does
16:40 < rcurtin> okay, strange, in this case I am not sure, maybe there are some other libraries that need to be linked too
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17:26 < GauravSinghGitte> Hi, @zoq, @rcurtin when the `sgd` optimizer reaches the minimized state within the given `tolerance` parameter [this]( message should get printed but it doesn't. Kindly give me a hint as to why is this happening because it can solve [this]( issue. Thanks.
17:39 < zoq> GauravSinghGitte: Did you define:
17:39 < zoq>
17:39 < zoq> that is a better link
17:47 < GauravSinghGitte> Thanks, @zoq I will now hopefully be able to solve that issue
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18:26 < LakshyaOjhaGitte> Hey @zoq can you have a look at softshrink please, I think it is ready from my side.
18:26 < LakshyaOjhaGitte> Thanks
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18:54 < jenkins-mlpack2> Yippee, build fixed!
18:54 < jenkins-mlpack2> Project mlpack - git commit test build #348: FIXED in 59 min:
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