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April 2020
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07:01 < chopper_inbound4> Can someone have a look in issue . I am getting confused about what actually is 'gy'.
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11:34 < PrinceGuptaGitte> gy is the error that backpropagates from the layers ahead of the current layer
11:43 < chopper_inbound4> I meant the current implementation of log_softmax looks little confusing in that sense. (In reference to the issue mentioned above). It should be actually Kronecker-Delta function but gy is used in current implementation. It is not digestible to me :(
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11:53 < chopper_inbound4> if this calculation is correct.
12:01 < JoelJosephGitter> @mrityunjay-tripathi is the softmax implementation in your PR complete? 'cause i used tried those files and they were not working
12:02 < chopper_inbound4>
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12:03 < chopper_inbound4> The backward function has to be completed. The forward function is correct. (If you want that much only :))
12:04 < chopper_inbound4> Also some work has to be commited
12:05 < JoelJosephGitter> ok :)
12:07 < JoelJosephGitter> good luck, hope it gets implemented soon 'cause i really need it
12:09 < chopper_inbound4> I am also trying that. Most of us need softmax layer in their work :)
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17:09 < favre49> zoq On the Elish PR, I saw you said we should squash and merge it. Why was that?
17:46 < sreenik[m]> freenode_gitter_prince776[m]: I am not sure if I clearly understood what exact change you wanted to make, but I'll be happy to take a look.
17:48 < sreenik[m]> #2243 isn't the one I think, is it?
18:05 < zoq> favre49: To have a more clean commit history, that PR had a lot of commits with messages like update file, style changes, etc. So I thought it makes sense to combine those commits.
18:11 < favre49> Oh alright, that's what I thought. Do you have some sort of threshold over which you choose to do that? Or do you just eyeball it? Or perhaps I should always squash and merge?
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18:17 < zoq> That depends on the PR, if there is an important change, it's nice to have a commit or several commits for that in the history; usually, I don't squash the PR.
18:17 < zoq> Sometimes I try to encourage contributors to use descriptive commit messages, but I often fail to check the messages, in an early stage.
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19:43 < hemal[m]> Could I stop the azure pipeline execution for my PR ?
19:43 < hemal[m]> I know there are some code updates and the current build and test would not be useful on the azure pipeline.
19:43 < hemal[m]> Basically, that compute time and resources are wasted, which I would like to avoid.
19:46 < himanshu_pathak[> hemal: May be you can try adding [skip ci] in your commits. I did't tried it may be it will work but not sure
19:46 < zoq> hemal[m]: yes, [skip ci] shoudl work just fine.
19:49 < himanshu_pathak[> Hey zoq: I am trying to add copy constructor for BRNN but I am facing problem in copying forwardRNN and backwardRNN. I am thinking of changing them to pointer instead of class object. what do you suggest
19:51 < hemal[m]> Thank you !
20:22 < zoq> himanshu_pathak[: Hm, I would have to look at the PR.
20:24 < himanshu_pathak[> zoq: I was trying it locally I will update it to my pr.
21:29 < PrinceGuptaGitte> Hello sreenik, I've completed the redesigning of layer names visitor to make it generalized. It's #2362 .
21:31 < jeffin143[m]> People here are night owls
21:31 < jeffin143[m]> Message at 3:00 am
21:31 < PrinceGuptaGitte> yes :)
21:31 < zoq> totally
21:39 < himanshu_pathak[> :)
22:54 < metahost> Haha.
22:54 < metahost> Its 4:24 am rn.
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