Provides a convenient way to give formatted output. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void Assert (bool condition, const std::string &message="Assert Failed.")
 Checks if the specified condition is true. More...


Static Public Attributes

static std::ostream & cout
 Reference to cout, if necessary. More...

static MLPACK_EXPORT util::NullOutStream Debug
 MLPACK_EXPORT is required for global variables, so that they are properly exported by the Windows compiler. More...

static MLPACK_EXPORT util::PrefixedOutStream Fatal
 Prints fatal messages prefixed with [FATAL], then terminates the program. More...

static MLPACK_EXPORT util::PrefixedOutStream Info
 Prints informational messages if –verbose is specified, prefixed with [INFO ]. More...

static MLPACK_EXPORT util::PrefixedOutStream Warn
 Prints warning messages prefixed with [WARN ]. More...


Detailed Description

Provides a convenient way to give formatted output.

The Log class has four members which can be used in the same way ostreams can be used:

Each of these will prefix a tag to the output (for easy filtering), and the fatal output will terminate the program when a newline is encountered. An example is given below.

Log::Info << "Checking a condition." << std::endl;
if (!someCondition())
Log::Warn << "someCondition() is not satisfied!" << std::endl;
Log::Info << "Checking an important condition." << std::endl;
if (!someImportantCondition())
Log::Fatal << "someImportantCondition() is not satisfied! Terminating.";
Log::Fatal << std::endl;

Any messages sent to Log::Debug will not be shown when compiling in non-debug mode. Messages to Log::Info will only be shown when the –verbose flag is given to the program (or rather, the IO class).

See also
PrefixedOutStream, NullOutStream, IO

Definition at line 56 of file log.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Assert()

static void Assert ( bool  condition,
const std::string &  message = "Assert Failed." 

Checks if the specified condition is true.

If not, halts program execution and prints a custom error message. Does nothing in non-debug mode.

Referenced by EdgePair::EdgePair(), and mlpack::tree::split::PerformSplit().

Member Data Documentation

◆ cout

std::ostream& cout

Reference to cout, if necessary.

Definition at line 93 of file log.hpp.

◆ Debug

MLPACK_EXPORT util::NullOutStream Debug

MLPACK_EXPORT is required for global variables, so that they are properly exported by the Windows compiler.

Dumps debug output into the bit nether regions.

Definition at line 79 of file log.hpp.

Referenced by DiagonalGMM::DiagonalGMM(), GMM::GMM(), and mlpack::bindings::cli::ParseCommandLine().

◆ Fatal

MLPACK_EXPORT util::PrefixedOutStream Fatal

Prints fatal messages prefixed with [FATAL], then terminates the program.

Definition at line 90 of file log.hpp.

Referenced by PositiveDefiniteConstraint::ApplyConstraint(), EigenvalueRatioConstraint::ApplyConstraint(), NaiveKernelRule< KernelType >::ApplyKernelMatrix(), NystroemKernelRule< KernelType, PointSelectionPolicy >::ApplyKernelMatrix(), SphericalKernel::ConvolutionIntegral(), mlpack::util::DisableBacktrace(), EigenvalueRatioConstraint::EigenvalueRatioConstraint(), mlpack::util::GetParamWithInfo(), AverageInterpolation::GetWeights(), SimilarityInterpolation::GetWeights(), RegressionInterpolation::GetWeights(), MeanImputation< T >::Impute(), ConstInitialization::Initialize(), GaussianInitialization::Initialize(), RandomInitialization::Initialize(), HeInitialization::Initialize(), GivenInitialization::Initialize(), LecunNormalInitialization::Initialize(), OrthogonalInitialization::Initialize(), GlorotInitializationType< Uniform >::Initialize(), NguyenWidrowInitialization::Initialize(), KathirvalavakumarSubavathiInitialization::Initialize(), OivsInitialization< ActivationFunction >::Initialize(), GivenInitialization::InitializeOne(), PoissonNLLLoss< InputDataType, OutputDataType >::Mean(), ZScoreNormalization::Normalize(), AdaptiveMaxPooling< InputDataType, OutputDataType >::OutputSize(), AdaptiveMeanPooling< InputDataType, OutputDataType >::OutputSize(), mlpack::bindings::cli::ParseCommandLine(), DiscreteDistribution::Probability(), and TfIdfEncodingPolicy::serialize().

◆ Info

◆ Warn

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