mlpack Documentation


mlpack is an intuitive, fast, and flexible C++ machine learning library with bindings to other languages. It is meant to be a machine learning analog to LAPACK, and aims to implement a wide array of machine learning methods and function as a "swiss army knife" for machine learning researchers. The mlpack website can be found at

How To Use This Documentation

This documentation is API documentation similar to Javadoc. It isn't necessarily a tutorial, but it does provide detailed documentation on every namespace, method, and class.

Each mlpack namespace generally refers to one machine learning method, so browsing the list of namespaces provides some insight as to the breadth of the methods contained in the library.

To generate this documentation in your own local copy of mlpack, you can use the 'doc' CMake target, which is available if CMake has found Doxygen, from the build directory:

$ make doc


A few short tutorials on how to use mlpack are given below.

Final Remarks

For the list of contributors to mlpack, see This library would not be possible without everyone's hard work and contributions!