CauchyKernel Class Reference

The Cauchy kernel. More...

Public Member Functions

 CauchyKernel (double bandwidth=1.0)
 Construct the Cauchy kernel; by default, the bandwidth is 1.0. More...

double Evaluate (const VecTypeA &a, const VecTypeB &b)
 Evaluation of the Cauchy kernel. More...

void serialize (Archive &ar, const unsigned int)
 Serialize the kernel. More...


Detailed Description

The Cauchy kernel.

Given two vector $ x $, $ y $, and a bandwidth $ \sigma $ (set in the constructor),

\[ K(x, y) = \frac{1}{1 + (\frac{|| x - y ||}{\sigma})^2}. \]

For more details, see the following published paper:

title={A least square kernel machine with box constraints},
author={Basak, Jayanta},
booktitle={Pattern Recognition, 2008. ICPR 2008. 19th International
Conference on},

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CauchyKernel()

CauchyKernel ( double  bandwidth = 1.0)

Construct the Cauchy kernel; by default, the bandwidth is 1.0.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ Evaluate()

double Evaluate ( const VecTypeA &  a,
const VecTypeB &  b 

Evaluation of the Cauchy kernel.

This could be generalized to use any distance metric, not the Euclidean distance, but for now, the Euclidean distance is used.

Template Parameters
VecTypeAType of first vector (arma::vec, arma::sp_vec).
VecTypeBType of second vector (arma::vec, arma::sp_vec).
aFirst vector.
bSecond vector.
K(a, b).

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References LMetric< TPower, TTakeRoot >::Evaluate().

◆ serialize()

void serialize ( Archive &  ar,
const unsigned  int 

Serialize the kernel.

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