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Linear algebra utility functions, generally performed on matrices or vectors.


void DisableBacktrace ()
 Disable backtraces. More...

void DisableVerbose ()
 Turn verbose output off. More...

void EnableTimers ()
 Enable timing. More...

void EnableVerbose ()
 Turn verbose output on. More...

T * GetParamPtr (const std::string ¶mName)
 Return a pointer. More...

void ResetTimers ()
 Reset the status of all timers. More...

void SetParam (const std::string &identifier, T &value)
 Set the parameter to the given value. More...

void SetParamPtr (const std::string &identifier, T *value)
 Set the parameter to the given value, given that the type is a pointer. More...


Detailed Description

Yasmine Dumouchel
Yashwant Singh

Utility function for Go to set and get parameters to and from the IO.

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