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Linear algebra utility functions, generally performed on matrices or vectors.


void InPlaceCopy (util::ParamData &d, const void *input, void *)
 Make the given ParamData be an in-place copy of the input. More...

void InPlaceCopyInternal (util::ParamData &, util::ParamData &, const typename boost::disable_if< arma::is_arma_type< T >>::type *=0, const typename boost::disable_if< data::HasSerialize< T >>::type *=0, const typename boost::disable_if< std::is_same< T, std::tuple< mlpack::data::DatasetInfo, arma::mat >>>::type *=0)
 This overload is called when nothing special needs to happen to make something an in-place copy. More...

void InPlaceCopyInternal (util::ParamData &d, util::ParamData &input, const typename std::enable_if< arma::is_arma_type< T >::value||std::is_same< T, std::tuple< mlpack::data::DatasetInfo, arma::mat >>::value||data::HasSerialize< T >::value >::type *=0)
 Modify the filename for any type that needs to be loaded from disk to match the filename of the input parameter. More...


Detailed Description

Ryan Curtin

Use template metaprogramming to set filenames correctly for in-place copy arguments.

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