parse_command_line.hpp File Reference
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Linear algebra utility functions, generally performed on matrices or vectors.


 PARAM_FLAG ("help", "Default help info.", "h")
 PARAM_FLAG ("verbose", "Display informational messages and the full list of " "parameters and timers at the end of execution.", "v")
 PARAM_FLAG ("version", "Display the version of mlpack.", "V")
 PARAM_STRING_IN ("info", "Print help on a specific option.", "", "")
void ParseCommandLine (int argc, char **argv)
 Parse the command line, setting all of the options inside of the CLI object to their appropriate given values. More...


Detailed Description

Ryan Curtin
Matthew Amidon

Parse the command line options.

mlpack is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license. You should have received a copy of the 3-clause BSD license along with mlpack. If not, see for more information.

Definition in file parse_command_line.hpp.