random.hpp File Reference

Miscellaneous math random-related routines. More...

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Linear algebra utility functions, generally performed on matrices or vectors.
Miscellaneous math routines.


void CustomRandomSeed (const size_t seed)
void FixedRandomSeed ()
 Set the random seed to a fixed number. More...

void ObtainDistinctSamples (const size_t loInclusive, const size_t hiExclusive, const size_t maxNumSamples, arma::uvec &distinctSamples)
 Obtains no more than maxNumSamples distinct samples. More...

double RandBernoulli (const double input)
 Generates a 0/1 specified by the input. More...

int RandInt (const int hiExclusive)
 Generates a uniform random integer. More...

int RandInt (const int lo, const int hiExclusive)
 Generates a uniform random integer. More...

double RandNormal ()
 Generates a normally distributed random number with mean 0 and variance 1. More...

double RandNormal (const double mean, const double variance)
 Generates a normally distributed random number with specified mean and variance. More...

double Random ()
 Generates a uniform random number between 0 and 1. More...

double Random (const double lo, const double hi)
 Generates a uniform random number in the specified range. More...

void RandomSeed (const size_t seed)
 Set the random seed used by the random functions (Random() and RandInt()). More...



MLPACK_EXPORT std::mt19937 randGen
 MLPACK_EXPORT is required for global variables; it exports the symbols correctly on Windows. More...

MLPACK_EXPORT std::normal_distribution randNormalDist
MLPACK_EXPORT std::uniform_real_distribution randUniformDist

Detailed Description

Miscellaneous math random-related routines.

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