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void LogisticRegressionTestData (arma::mat &data, arma::mat &testData, arma::mat &shuffledData, arma::Row< size_t > &responses, arma::Row< size_t > &testResponses, arma::Row< size_t > &shuffledResponses)
 Create the data for the a logistic regression test. More...


Detailed Description

Marcus Edel

This file provides some useful test function methods.

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Function Documentation

◆ LogisticRegressionTestData()

void LogisticRegressionTestData ( arma::mat &  data,
arma::mat &  testData,
arma::mat &  shuffledData,
arma::Row< size_t > &  responses,
arma::Row< size_t > &  testResponses,
arma::Row< size_t > &  shuffledResponses 

Create the data for the a logistic regression test.

dataMatrix object to store the data into.
testDataMatrix object to store the test data into.
shuffledDataMatrix object to store the shuffled data into.
responsesMatrix object to store the overall responses into.
testResponsesMatrix object to store the test responses into.
shuffledResponsesMatrix object to store the shuffled responses into.

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References GaussianDistribution::Random().