mlpack and Google Summer of Code

mlpack is a proud participant in Google Summer of Code. We have been a part of the program since 2013, with over 50 students accepted over the years for mlpack (all of whom succeeded in the program). Each year, we receive very many applications and it is a competitive process, so this page exists to help you determine if you could be a strong candidate.

🔗 How to be a good candidate

The two most important qualities that an mlpack GSoC candidate can possess is the ability to be self-sufficient and the willingness to learn.

Self-sufficiency is key because mentors have limited time and can’t put in as much time helping the student as the student is putting in. However, this of course does not mean that a student (or a prospective student) can never ask any questions! mlpack is a complex library and can sometimes take help and explanation to understand.

A willingness to learn is also important because virtually every potential project will require the student to become familiar with a new algorithm or C++ technique. mlpack is a complex library with many components and it is likely during your project that you might have to use or interact with some other part of the codebase.

🔗 Things to be familiar with

Of course, these are not the only important ingredients for a successful GSoC project. A student should ideally be familiar with

For a strong proposal, it’s important to be a part of the mlpack community, via contributions, code reviews, helping others solve their issues, and so forth. There are some pointers on the community page on how to start contributing and get involved.

When it comes time to write your proposal, we do have a proposal guide that you can take a look at to guide your application.